Saturday, November 24, 2018

Sometimes Life Gets You

The last post I find is from late September.  Wow...2 months!! 

The last two months have been filled with physical and mental ups and downs, nothing that God can't handle, but a bit trying for us who aren't God.  We've went through things that are fairly normal for a special needs family, not necessarily typical of others.  The time change as tough on the family as well--you'd think that extra hour of night would be good for teens who enjoy sleep.  Nope.  We're handling the average teenaged hormonal things as well as issues that come with Asperger's and Autism.  All three of the kids are struggling but with the Lord they will be ok.  The holiday gave us a small mental health break, with a couple days without any responsibility...just enough to recharge the batteries half way before going back to our regular schedule. 

 I've had my own physical issues with my knee joints going south and refusing to work.  The left knee has bone spurs and torn cartilage alongside arthritis.  The right knee had meniscus surgery 14 years ago and was supposed to be replaced 10 years later, but without insurance it couldn't happen.  It's bone on bone according to the last Xrays done last year.  It's been lately refusing to work much, it plays its own game of red light/green light, but doesn't like to unfreeze.  It has made doing even the basic things much harder--it has cut my ability down to do as much cleaning as I need to, hindered ability to do the church  ministry I have felt led to be a part of for a while, makes it horribly painful to simply walk, which hinders exercising--how do you do much with your legs when they refuse to move without threat of removal?  I've went back to using a cane regularly for the time being.  To me it is embarrassing to be 41 and using a cane, hobbling and not much I can do about it without insurance to deal with the joint issues.  Word to the wise--go easy on your body when you are young, don't ruin your joints early--you will regret it!  I did mine with weight and nursing homes lots of concrete floors and weight lifting (pushing high numbers on the leg press probably isn't great on your joints).  I treat pain with naproxen (Aleve) and tylenol.  Nothing prescription.  The change of seasons has not been easy on the joints, and it's made me homebound more days than not and seriously limited my ability to drive my own car (a 2005 Sunfire 5 speed), making me dependent on our truck to go anywhere.  It's just been easier to remain at home.

Since I've been more home bound, I've been working more on handling the fabric stash and quilting.  There was several boxes needing attention, so they became 1.5" and 2.5" strips.  I've filled pillowcases of those strips, and then a box of 5" squares.  The box once held a suit coat, so it's not tiny.  There's still plenty more to work with, to make into 1" strips (for mini quilts), 1.5" strips and squares, 2.5" strips and squares, maybe some 3.5" squares to work with 9 patches made of 1.5" pieces, and more 5" squares.  I've nearly finished a button tacked quilt made from Barnatex High Tea 10" pieces.  It's beautiful, a soft rose pattern in light blues/yellows/lavenders/ greens, perfect for a little princess.  I have 3 more smaller ones lined up, then a special comfort quilt in the design stage. 

I've also been strip piecing skirt panels, using the strips I cut from the boxes of stash fabrics.  The panels will make skirts that may withstand wind just a bit more.  I'm really wanting to make quilted petticoats or actual skirts, to have on hand for the cold winter days.  Of course I dream of making lots of pretty usually gets in the way of them.  Patterns of the Past makes a pattern for the quilted skirt if anyone is interested in trying it. 

I hope you all have a great week!  I am working on more posts--it was such a pain to work on the laptop, as it was extremely slow...then I found a cleaner program and used it, it wiped out 6 GIG of trash/junk/tracking/cookie files, and it's much easier to work with now.  We can't afford a new laptop, so making this 8 year old one last a bit longer is a priority.'s 8 years old and still going. :)  I should be working more on The Frugal Kansas Homemaker soon as well.  I've been testing out some recipes for that site. 

Have a great day y'all!!

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