Friday, July 6, 2018

Good Morning!

 (photo from ebay)

It's morning here at Sunny Patch.  We started the day a little late, but in the summer that's normal.  We tend to enjoy sleeping past 6am (normal time waking up during school days) and staying up later than normal (school days it's 9pm).

I've been working on panelled skirts based on a pattern by Marie Madeline.  They are from Seneca, MO, not overly far from here.  These pics are from the Marie Madeline site about the pattern release.

I love how it's long, modest, allows for lots of prints and colors, and lots of opportunity to change it up and never make the same one twice.  Jessica really likes that she can pick several colors and prints, although she can't find a bunch of cat prints (she's a huge cat lover).  But one version has a single print underneath and an overlay that goes over it that would be perfect for her cats.  It'd be like the pink one on the right in the picture below.

I think these would be adorable made up in say several prints of purples, or pinks, or even blacks/grays.  Maybe even a ruffled flower pin to match.  I've had this pattern for years but have not tried it til now.  I've been missing out!!

I've also been working on more culottes to add to the shop.  They are a specialty item you just can't find in Walmart, so am continuing to make up the skirt-like ones, without box pleats, that really do look like skirts....they are loose and flowing.  I have several bolts of cotton and poly fabrics I've picked up that would make great culottes.  I've cut some from Christmas fabric as well, and may try fleece for the colder weather.  But, it's hard to think cooler weather at 100 degrees currently. 

How are you doing??  Feel free to drop a comment and fill me in on how your day is!!

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