Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday Morning

It is a chilly morning here in South East Kansas.  A cold front came through last night with storms, and we went from air conditioning to the heater. 

This week has already started out busy with appointments and calls and errands.  I think tommorow's tired is calling today!  So, it is a definite coffee morning followed by some hot matcha tea.  Whatever it takes to keep going today when the warm blankie calls!

This morning I'm reading out of Joshua 24.  The famous verse from there is still just as good today as it was when Joshua said it...."choose you this day whom ye will serve...". With the world the way it is, at times it can be very easy to slide over and go with the crowd and serve the god of this world.  There's so much available material wise that looks so good, that commercials say we can't live without.  There's only one thing those commercials don't advertise, and that's the ONLY thing we can't live without.  That's Jesus.  He's the only thing you can't buy. 

I'll be the first to admit I have to remind myself to keep choosing Jesus over the world.  When my eyes dart to the things of this world that are comfortable and rich and cozy, sure I want to go that route.  But it isn't what Jesus says to do.  The wide road is pretty comfy, with lots of rest stops and Marriott hotels and limo services.  Jesus didn't tell us to go the wide road though, but to stay by the straight and narrow.  No hotels, no rest stops, just a straight route to Him.  This verse in Joshua 24:15 snaps me back to reality on the things I create too.  Should I try to quickly produce pieces that appeal to a large audience, or make items that bring focus to Him even if it limits my audience?  The answer to me seems clear, but I tend to drift off course at times.  I find much joy in stitching things that one would associate with modesty, femininity, Scripture, and so on.  The other items that are easily produced and can be found a dime a dozen, not so much.  I want to point people to Him through my work, and I do get pulled to the direction of what would profit more at times.  The flesh still fights.

How are you doing today?  Pull up a seat and enjoy a hot cup of tea and/ or coffee with me, and let's enjoy a peaceful moment together.😀

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  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs. They are written with practical scriptural encouragement. I also feel so cozy when I read them. Hearing about you, your family. I try to imagine Kansas! Thank you for sharing. God bless you!


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