Sunday, October 1, 2017

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Evidently I'm in the midst of a growth spurt.  Not physically, but spiritually and emotionally.  Hopefully not physically--the only way for me to grow that way is sideways. 

In the past few weeks, a friend has inspired me to start deep cleaning again.  Granted it's a little interesting to do while on a cane sometimes, but it has been making progress one day at a time.  The other day I did the dining room.  I tore it up, tossed contractor bags of junk, moved the big table and chairs, and rearranged everything.  It looks nothing like it did before.

The way I positioned our filing cabinet, it is close by to hold some cookbooks and bibles on top.  It is close to my side of the table (I planned it that way), as is a basket weave styled drawer set for holding medications.  I am able to stow my big study bible there, in easy reach, for early morning reading.  I'd gotten out of this practice for a long while, of grabbing my bible and having some quiet time in the morning.  Now, after doing the rearranging and deep cleaning, I can sit with a hot cup of coffee and read through Scripture in the dark morning hours before everyone is up and getting ready for school.  I've started keeping index cards close at hand, in different colors for grins, and pretty colors of ink pens, and with those I've been writing down verses that jump out at me.  Some of these I intend to embroider later for a more permanent means of seeing them, but the index cards work for now.

Starting the day with the bible has made a difference.  It has a calming effect.  Don't get me wrong, there are stresses through the day.  That comes with life in general, and with our special needs family it's a given.  I feel like I've been growing up a little, maturing spiritually as I get to dive more into my bible.  Maybe it's because I am turning 40 in the next week that I've started focusing on growing up...who knows.  I've been reading more from older women who teach on being a keeper at home, and listening to older pastors' sermons as well that tend to go that direction.  The things I've been reading, they are not politically correct, but are biblically correct.

It's been a little uncomfortable with the growing.  I've had to have a little chiseled off from the rough spots.  Some attitude has needed work.  Did you know that chisel hurts? 

This is something I think we should be doing more often...growing a little more, smoothing the rough edges, and letting God do the work He needs to do in us.  I know I sure need to do this more often.  Will it make the world a better place?? I have no idea.  But it will make how you handle the world different than how you did before.

How have you been growing in your walk with the Lord?

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