Sunday, June 4, 2017

Learning To Lean

The past months have been chaotic.  In our house that is nothing new.

Hubby started working in nursing again, which has dramatically increased our food budget and is paying down debt fast.  It is even gaining insurance for now.  The insurance has been helpful, in that I have been able to find what has been wrong with joints and causing pain.

Back in October I hurt my left knee.  It was just a simple thing, twisting it while weight bearing.  It went untreated for nearly nine months before we got private insurance and being able to get xrays or potential MRI.  It has become painful and to the point I had to use a cane in the past weeks.  I suspected a cartilage tear but had no proof either way.

This past week I finally had opportunity to go to an orthopedic surgeon.  I had high hopes, that maybe I would find out what is wrong in the joint and options on how to deal with it.

Oh no.  It couldn't be that easy.

As soon as the doctor saw my weight, he laid into me about it while saying "I'm not judging you.". Now, when folks say that, what are they doing?  He showed me the knees on xray and told me all the bad things I have done to them due to weight.  He treated and talked to me as a subhuman instead of simply telling me he couldn't help until I lost weight.  Insults and demeaning someone doesn't make a situation better.

I did learn both knees are bad, both have spurs.  The one that hurts has lots of spurs, new bone growth under the knee cap that isn't supposed to be there, next to no cartilage left, and what I have is torn.  The right knee had surgery 13 years ago and the cartilage repair took hold then.  It has arthritis but nothing like the left.  Hearing that part makes sense why pain was significant and weight bearing was very hard.

The doctor mocked me about my pain relief....I use naproxen to help with swelling.  I guess I was supposed to use controlled meds or something.  I do not ask for pain meds.  He also told me to lose 100 pounds.  I asked him what are my options after I lose that 100, and he just walked away.

So, after tears of frustration, I gathered up resolve and thought some very un-Christ like thoughts, and decided to meet the challenge.  The goal now is to lose 100 or more and send pictures to the doctor before/after and show him I could do it, and get the knee fixed elsewhere.

Since I want to do this in a healthy manner, I saw my primary office and got the OK to start a pre-bariatric surgery type diet, with high protein, low carbs, low low fat, and low calories.  I was also given a medicine to try to work on the on/off switch in the brain where appetite reigns.  It is a combination drug called Contrave.

I am 4 days in to the med and diet, and I am grateful the Lord has allowed the med.  It has taken the desire to eat and the switch for "full" goes off fast.  Protein shakes made at home is the main course, and have been using Trim Healthy Mama recipes.  Their shakes and sippers are tasty!  I have allowed an apple, a salad, and that's about it for solid foods.

Slow and easy is not the goal now, it is "get it off so knee can get fixed".

On advise of my dear friend, I started a page on Facebook called " You Can Do It".  It is supposed to be encouragement for myself and others who are losing weight too.  It can be found here:  You Can Do It  .

So, that's just a small part of the world here at the Abella house.  How are you doing?

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