Sunday, September 4, 2016

Working Hard

Since I've restarted working to build my old business back up, the fabric pieces have been accumulating.

I've been putting together shoe boxes of scrap pieces cut to various sizes and sorted by general colors.   This box is the exception--these are 1 1/2" pieces with a small stack of 3 1/2" squares with them.  There are several other shoe boxes full of squares and strips waiting to have their turn through the machine.

My main project right now is a Trip Around The World in maroon and gold.  These are the colors of our school's teams, so am trying out this  pattern and seeing how well it pulls together, and then see about selling a few for the football games.  It does get a bit chilly during football season sitting in the stands.

I have charted out a graph for the Trojan Trips, and then made another one in purple and white for the Dragons teams.  We have kids in both districts, so why not try them both?

I have found so far that laying them into strips and putting them together one row at a time is much easier than trying to figure out the quarters and then put the quarters together, as seen done with Eleanor Burns and Bonnie Hunter and others.  They are much more able to keep track of the quarter blocks than I am, so I'll stick to the easy rows for now.

While I'm plugging away at the strips, I'm doing a Leader/Ender with them.  What is that, you ask?  It is essentially building another quilt while working on the first one.  Rather than having the long strings after each piece sewn, you put together pieces two at a time that would work for another quilt.  Like in the box of 1 1/2" pieces above, putting those together before and after a seam in the main quilt over time builds a separate quilt all at the same speed of making the first one, and no thread is wasted.  The pieces are simply chain sewn and clipped as they are finished.  Easy peasy!

So far in making a few rows of the maroon/gold/white, I've put together now 2 blocks like the scrappy one here.  The little 9 patches are 1 1/2" squares and put together with 3 1/2" squares.  These are all out of the shoebox, and there's plenty more to go.  It has not cost me a bit more time or thread to do this simple thing while piecing the main quilt top, but I am getting a "bonus" quilt at the same time.  How cool is that? And, these little pieces don't go to waste--they get new life in something usable, which is good too....  I learned this from Bonnie Hunter's blog Quiltville (link is on the left side over there).

I've really come to love scrap quilting--while the main top working right now isn't scrappy, the "bonus" top is, and it's a lot of fun!

If you go up to the link for Instagram, you'll find all kinds of things I've been working on with scraps.  I tried to link the photos here but I just can't figure it out.  You'll find crosses, Arkansas Crossroads, mug rugs, and Garlic Knots, and half square triangles so far...  The crosses are literally scraps and sheets cut into strips, but if you look at them you probably can't tell it.  They are my favorites.

Well, I needs head back to the sewing machine and get back to work.  I have many projects lined up, from ones for sale, ones to give away, and some skirts to make.  I love this job--it's something that is really enjoyable, a stress reliever, allows for creativity, produces something usable, recycles, and doesn't feel like work.

What more can one ask for?

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