Thursday, September 15, 2016

To The Harvest Fields! (Reblog)

A Kansas wheat field near Girard, KS during harvest time

Written by Rev. W. C. Poole and Geo. C. Stebbins, 1924

There is work to do, there is work for you
And the call rings clear today
'Tis the Master's call, And it comes to all
To the havest fields away!

Chorus:  Away, away to the harvest field!
The Master calls for you (for you)
Then away, away to the work He gave,
For there is much to do!

There are souls to light, In the paths of right,
There are souls who look to you
Do you lead the way To the perfect day
Do you do what Christ would do?

There are souls  in need, There are souls who plead
There's a call that comes today
For a light to shine With a glow divine
Do you light for them the way?

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