Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Morning at Sunny Patch

This morning is a pretty one, with a cool 62 degree start and the sun shining bright.  I've got my cup of pumpkin spice tea beside me and a pot of espresso brewing on the stove top.  A girl without her coffee is not ready to face the world.

The leaves are falling, but everything is yet green.  We had an early spring, so it seems that plant life is fizzling out a tad early as well before the seasons change over.  Our yard is beginning to look like a blend of burr oak nuts (the squirrels are pleased) and brown leaves.  I've cut down the summer plants already and here very soon need to transplant irises from shady locations up to the front area that gets the most light.  There are also some hen and chicks to put in the ground so they can take over.  Maybe they shall replace the mint I've torn out.

Last weekend I put up a little tv tray table and chair outside and enjoyed the day quilting away on the front porch.  The day was warmer but the breeze was great.  I hope to get back to it next weekend when I do not have middle child at home (as far as I know) and oldest and youngest tend to spend the day visiting at their grandma/grandpa's house.

There is still some work to do yet but cold weather is another month or so off.  I am enjoying to cool down, although it is temporary from what our forecast says.  It is so nice to have the windows open and fans running instead of the air conditioning and the higher costs.  Of course soon that will turn to heating and closing up the windows again to cozy up under blankets.

Today is Sunday, and I am staying home with middle child, as he doesn't seem to handle outtings well anymore.  He has stopped going to church, as much as I don't like it.  I've had to make the decision that his aggression is too much for myself and others to handle there.  So, I do a bible study with him at home, and he seems to "get it", and is able to answer questions and follow along.  Lately it is has been harder to get him into public places.  In the meantime we do the best we can in trying to teach him.  I don't get to go to church nearly as often as I'd like anymore, but in a few years when this season is over I'll get to return to regular service times again.  I do miss it.  In order to keep myself able to teach middle son, I keep in the bible, working through a Matthew Henry study bible now, and do scripture writing with prompts from Sweet Blessings  .  Then there's listening to the Christian programming on the radio, as well as some programming on the Roku tv that is free, like Brannon Howse's World View Weekend channel that is informative and keeps up to date on things from a biblical world view.  There's also Pandora and Abiding Radio apps (there's more out there but I gravitate to these) to listen to good solid hymns and Christian music.  I particularly enjoy the bluegrass, but that's me. (grins)

How has your week been?  I hope you have had a good one and that today is the beginning of a great one for you!  Feel free to stop in and say hi!


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  1. Thank you for offering your readers a relaxing respite while we read about your days that harken back to a simpler time.

    The Lord has blessed you with a positive attitude in this season that you are in and I trust He is meeting you where you are at.


    1. Thank you :) There's times it feels like our home is a few steps behind the world..which is good sometimes. :)

      The Lord is good always, no matter what... Even on the worst of days, a bad day here won't last forever. One day we'll be home with the Lord and no more hard days to come!

  2. Hi. Thanks so much for linking at the Fabulous Fall
    party. Your posts are great! Very encouraging.
    Thanks for sharing.
    The new linky for next week will be up tomorrow.
    Feel free to link the party goes all the way to the end of October.

  3. I couldn't believe it but this morning we had a frost advisory :( Fall is definitely just about here! And I also wanted to mention that the Wednesday "To Grandma's House We Go" link party just started over at and I thought you might be interested in joining it, thanks!


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