Tuesday, September 6, 2016

30 Seconds at a Time

30 seconds.

It can seem so long.

It can tick away in a heart beat.

For us parents with special needs kids, 30 seconds can take a few hours to pass, or a mere second.  Each time we handle a meltdown, those seconds go by as hours per tick.  The time drags with each scream, each hit from the child, each scratch or bite.  It doesn't go any faster for them either.

Here at our house, we take things 30 seconds at a time.  Our children change so fast in a matter of seconds, between happy and sad, sad and happy, laughing to rage, and so on.  From what I hear from other parents with children like ours, this is a regular normal thing.

Days like today, when the 30 seconds lasted a few hours, I pray for a quick transition.  Today has been a rough one for both myself and middle child.  He has had many good days in between the rough ones.  The oldest and youngest have their days too, with different behaviors and results.

If you are a special needs parent in the midst of hard days...and we all have them...just keep going, with prayers and a focus on the next 30 seconds.

It will be ok.

One day they will grow up and be adults.  One day they may be in supported living, a group home, or on their own doing their jobs and whatever else they choose to do.  They won't be home anymore (most likely).  The 30 seconds of good moments will be remembered long after the 30 seconds of bad.  Hold on to the good ones.  Let the bad ones go.

Know that Jesus is with you regardless of which moment we're dealing with.  He is there with us, He knows the ups and downs in the children He has loaned to us.  He will be there to comfort you, to listen to your tears and triumphs. Pour your heart out to Him when you need the shoulder to cry on in the midst of meltdowns and tantrums.  Praise Him on the good moments.

It will all be ok.

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  1. Oh Angie, I can't begin to imagine how exhausting some of your days are I have taught in an emotionally disturbed classroom and I know how exhausted I am at the end of the day but I get to send them home and you have those children 24 hours a day many days I am so thankful for parents like you and I think God has those children exactly where he wants them with you and your husband in a safe and caring home.

    1. Awww thank you :) I'm hoping that others with kids like ours are able to get something out of what i write...there's lots of us out there, but buried deep in the trenches of the day to day survival that we're not necessarily seen. I appreciate your comment! :D We this year have some good folks working with the kids thus far...and am very grateful for them.

  2. Good Morning Angie,
    I just noticed my above statement printed before I edited it! Oh my, absolutely no punctuation, it's a mess! Sorry
    Have a blessed day.

  3. I previously worked in a special needs classroom and know whatyou refer to. So thankful for parents like you who love their kids, keep their eyes on Christ and His perspective, and encourage others. Prayed for you and your kids this morning.

    1. Thank you :) we have 3 with autism, and we handle autism, MR, bipolar, adhd, anxiety, and depression among the 3 kids...it stays pretty exciting most days. They are at or nearing teenage years, and the challenges change with age, but they are maturing. We are thankful for good folks who work in the special needs classrooms--middle is in a self contained room, oldest and youngest spend a portion of their day in the resource room... We appreciate the good staff who work hard and well with them. Thank you for stopping by!


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