Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Has Arrived (And I'm So Thankful!!)

Spring made it, and no snow (so far), here in southern Kansas.  It was a cool 83 today (Sunday, April 10) as I made my trip to pick up middle son from a visit with his dad.

It is green here, beautifully green and blooming.  Yes, allergy season is upon us!  The trees are greening up, some are still in purple bud, others were white bud and quickly turned pretty green.  The irises have opened and are in mid-bloom now.  The mint has taken off and grown like weeds.  The dandelions are in full force, the perennials are popping up and growing well, and the yard has been mowed twice.

Garden time has arrived as well, with planting lots of seed and dreaming ahead of a bountiful harvest.

Spring here is so pretty...  

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