Saturday, February 6, 2016

Two Months with Trim Healthy Mama...and Going!

It's now been 2 months since starting with recipes and eventually plan. When I weighed 6 weeks ago, I'd gained 18 pounds, but had only been doing anything remotely close to plan for 2 weeks. I'd by then lost 2 sizes though, which was cool and even the Dr noticed.
My next weigh in is in a few weeks at my next diabetes check up. I've lost fat off the knees/legs/rear end/belly apron. My face has significantly become less fat. You can actually feel my ribs on the sides even though I look HUGE (can't see them but you can feel bones). Joints are coming to sight that have been hidden a while, and they're huge--part of being built like a tank. You put your hands on my waist you can feel the upper lip of the pelvic bones (short waisted here). They are by no means visible yet but feeling them alone is encouragement--they aren't buried totally under mounds of fat AND there's actually a waist line!
At my largest, I had a 65+ inch waist. I want to say 69 but can't remember exactly. My hips have been usually 14 inches larger than my waist--that'd be minimum 79 inch hip, and bust ran in the 70's. Think about it--that's over two YARDS around the hips. Today, I am in a 16 to 18 on the lower body. Upper body can do a 14/16 depending on cut. I by accident grabbed a bra from the clean laundry basket that looked like mine (sports bra) but was stepdaughters--a 36. It's stretched a little, but it is still comfortable. I've went from a 14 undies to an 8/9 (ok a little TMI but I know some women will appreciate it).
I've also went from taking 6 naproxen a day to be able to walk to now 2 in the morning only. At my largest, my husband suggested I apply for disability because I couldn't move around much, but my conviction was that it was not true disability to be fat, it was something I could change. I am able to hold a job if need be. It's taken lots of work, and there's been down times, cheats, horrible eating, etc, but I've proven I'm not disabled... I still have aches and pains, as my former employments have done a number on joints as has my weight. But each day as the little fat cells scream as they get smaller, the joints get better, and the pain is less. My diabetes has gotten significantly better, from a A1C of 14 at diagnosis down to a 5 to 6 average. Acne has went away (considering I'm 38...I looked like a teenager covered in zits), skin is getting smoother, stretch marks have lightened up, and even the scars where my laproscopic surgery looked like a hernia it was so hard and lumped...has softened and become 2 separate actual scar areas vs the size and texture of a was pushed out by lots of fat under the muscle layer...that has gone down.
In essence, over the years, I was killing my body one bite at a time, stretching it way beyond where it should have ever been.
Even if you're losing slowly, don't give up. It didn't take us a day or two to get to our sizes. It won't take us a day or two to make it to goal size/weight. Stick with it, even if you don't see scale victories, you're getting healthier.

 Don't give up.

 Don't stop when discouraged. 

And don't go back to where you were!

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  1. Will keep praying for you Angie, that God helps you succeed. I did succeed in leaving my scale behind when I moved & I've determined NOT to replace it. God looks at the heart, not the outside. We fasted from chocolate, ice-cream, & desserts, & joined a church-wide prayer in January. I believe God rewarded us immensely! Good to read here & "catch up". I really like the Martin Luther quote about good craftsmanship. Your story inspires me Angie, thanks for writing. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  2. Way to go Angie! As we know, all things are possible thru Him. I'll continue to pray for you. I ask, that you will pray for me too please? I've had quite a struggle with weight as well as anxiety issues. I'm turning things over to God. For once, I'm not as worried about my looks, it's more about being healthy now. Did the Trim Healthy Momma help? I've been thinking about buying the book. You are an inspiration Angie, thank you��
    God Bless you and your family this week.

  3. Thank you both, Cynthia and Natalie! You guys are so sweet!

    I'll continue to pray for you both. :) far, I've noticed more loss that's visible quickly with THM. It could be because I'm enjoying the recipes more--how could one not enjoy cheesecake and chocolate and all kinds of other goodies and satisfying meals and still lose fat? I started with just the cookbook and played with it, but got the plan book (smaller one) before Christmas and got going. I don't follow 100%, more like 75 to 80 max, and I don't use nearly everything called for in the ingredients list--if I have to order it online, it isn't likely to come here. But I've found substitutes that work just fine.

    The best parts so far--finding knee caps that have been missing in action for a long while...and losing the extra chins--you can actually see the outline of the jawline, which has been missing for years as well.

    Simply put, the THM thing is basically whole foods, cleaner eating, less processed stuff, no white sugar, lots of proteins, healthy carbs. :D

    (((lots of hugs you two!!)))


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