Monday, June 1, 2015

The Sun Returned!

We have officially went  two and a half days with no rain!

(Build an Ark by the Gaither Vocal Band)

It is so nice to see the sun again!  It's been sorely missed.

Today I have started back on the diabetic diet way.  1600 calories, using regular measuring cups, and getting back on a solid footing.  The kids and I restocked the fridge over the weekend with raw veggies and lean meats, and even learned how to cook artichokes while I was at it.  I'm still working on getting through the brussel sprouts--hubby loves them, I'm just not getting it yet.

The foggy funk has faded and feeling back to the old self that can handle just about anything.  I've missed her!  This morning I was able to get hubby and oldest child off to Bible camp, vacuum two rooms, do litter box duty, get laundry going, fill out forms for hubby, print out menu options for the week, get youngest off to summer school, and prepare for a couple of errands and still need to get upstairs to paint on oldest's room and a couple of other places to cover black shoe marks that just don't come off with magic erasers.

I've also been entertaining our newest addition to the family.  She is a 5 week or so old kitten named Oreo.  She is full of pee and vinegar, and has a cute little growl and hiss when she plays.  We've gotten her spoiled already, she demands to be held, she plays hard, eats lots of solid food and I got her potty trained in 3 or 4 days.  I learned not to give her the soft shreds food that the older cats enjoy--it leads to 409 carpet cleaner and lots of work.  The older cats are starting to tolerate her, but make sure she knows to keep her distance.  Youngest child cuddles her like a baby and plays with her to keep her busy.  This lets me exercise without a 6 inch hairball under foot.  Oreo last night learned she can climb the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms, and found all kinds of cool little things to play with in oldest child's room.  All 3 kids love her, as she sneak attacks them, loves on them, demands their attention, and is at that cute stage all kittens are at when her age.  She had hubby and myself wrapped around her paw too, although hubby doesn't like to admit it.  He said no more cats, but she sleeps on his shoulder in the afternoons and he's taught her how to attack fingers that rub her belly.  I said no more cats too, but she somehow manages to end up sleeping on my arm while I try to fold clothes.  Yep, we're hard on her.

I've been sewing and working on culottes for youngest for camp, and cut out skirts to work on as well.  I make her tiered twirly skirts without any pattern or specific measurements, and like patchworking together different fabrics for a unique look.  She loves the twirl factor.  When done with hers, I need to get to work on some skirts for me and possibly culottes off of a Candle on the Hill culottes pattern.  I've already worked on pieced modesty vests to go along with the denim skirts.  In the evenings I've worked on hand piecing on my Grandmother's Flower Garden hexagon quilt that's been a year and a half in the making so far.  I have 27 "blocks" that have 62 hexies in them and around each block is a white "path".  I've also been working my way through scraps and cutting them in 6 1/2", 4 1/2", 2 1/2", and 1 1/2" squares and storing in pretty little inexpensive boxes I found at Dollar General.  The goal is to use as much up from each scrap piece as possible and have them ready for piecing at a moment's notice.  The larger squares make great patchwork skirt tiers, the smaller ones for small 4 and 9 patch blocks, or half square triangles.  I find cutting fabric and hand sewing the most relaxing, despite having 2 machines, one with a 1/4" quilting foot and darning foot for free motion quilting.  I do clothing on the machines, and a pair of culottes comes out in about an hour or so, with French seams and neatly pressed.  Tiered skirts take a bit more time as I hand gather the tiers and then machine stitch.  Most of my hems are bias finished.  My big dream for now is to learn how to make whole cloth or Durham quilts, even if just small pillows, to learn how to do that well would be awesome. :)

Thank you all for your kind comments the last few days, I've really appreciated them!  The fog and funk is sometimes hard to see through, like a misty haze that doesn't lift easily.  I understand it happens to everyone at some point, some folks even use medications for it (not judging on either side of that one!)

How are you all doing?  I hope you all are having a great week!

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  1. Hi Angie, I found this encouraging yesterday & cooked brussel sprouts & carrots for supper! In deleting some cookies, etc. I can't comment with google but this works! Have a good day & I pray you can get to church. I love Wed night church! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  2. How did they turn out? The other day hubby had me do some in olive oil, it was ok, but definitely could live without.

    How have you been doing?


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