Saturday, May 30, 2015

Defeating the Blahs

I'll admit it, I've been depressed.  It's been gray and over cast and rainy for the last almost 3 weeks.  Lack of sunshine does a whopper on your well being.

Hubby and I discussed a little how we've been snappy at each other, how we've been so overwhelmed, stressed, and glum.  Most of the time we can handle the every day stressors, but without the sunlight, it really seems to magnify stressing things and make them bigger than they are.

In the weeks since the rain started and kept on going, we've both used comfort foods to help fill the gap.  Stupid huh?  It's cost me, with a gain that I'll have to work on.  I've went up to 340 pounds, and while I'm not pleased, I take responsibility for it and am determined it will come off.  I am at 10 pound increment goals,  the next small goal is 330 and the next *big* goal is 300 pounds.  I'm still upset with myself that I let things slide that far.

In the meantime, I've found more strength in the legs, as in I can do knee lifts to the waist where I couldn't before.  Here in the past week I've started tying up a stretch band to make it smaller and using it around the ankles for leg work, doing moves I saw in Denise Austin's book on pilates.  Those feel small when you do them, but you'll find soreness in places you thought you were already exercising.  I'm still walking with Leslie Sansone, and really gotta work on it, as I go to camp in a few weeks with the youngest child and there's lots of walking and steep hills.  Last year I couldn't have done it.  I am thankful for the upgrade in health to allow me strength and endurance to be able to go to camp and not just huff and puff and try to hide out.

As many have heard, it's been raining in the middle of the country.  Yes, we're in the middle of the country.  We've had enough rain I'm considering stocking the back yard with catfish.  We've actually been receiving much less than our neighbors down in Oklahoma and Texas.  We've had about 10 inches this month, which put us at where we are supposed to be for this time of year overall--we started the year in drought.  We didn't need all 10 inches at once, but not much we could do to deter it.  Our little area has plenty of water, but it's much worse to the south and east, and even to the west in the central part of Kansas.  We'll dry out soon.

So how are you doing?  I've missed chatting with you all!

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  1. Bless your heart! I hope you get a reprieve from the rain are so right, it can really begin to "dampen" one's spirits after so long! God bless you in your weight loss endeavors...oh, my, I need to join in. I do well for a while, then struggle. It is such a roller coaster for me. Thank you for sharing your heart here. :)


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