Monday, April 6, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge--7 Months!

Saturday, 4/4/15, marked 7 months on the journey!

Thank you all so much for hanging in there with me, for your encouragement and prayers!  Without God and you all constantly encouraging and reminding with Scripture, I doubt I'd be as far as I've gotten!

This past week I laid low on the exercise.  I gave the knee a chance to heal a bit, and lo and behold, I'm up to near where I was before the last injury that really messed with the nerves and knee that already had problems.  It's been 2 weeks since injury, it was accidental, and am determined it isn't  happening again.  Instead of pushing harder and doing the 4 miles, I rested a couple days and then did a 3 mile dvd, and then took another day off and then another dvd, instead of push push push.  It made a difference, and the pain that had such a grip is mostly gone.  Yay!  I did a 3 mile walk today, and am doing my regular routines around the house with little issue, and back to climbing the stairs without wincing at each step in either direction.  I haven't been totally lazy, there is still a house to clean and things to do, so no sitting on the job, let me tell you.

Eating has been great!  Ok, I did have a Cadbury Easter candy.  So I shot the 21 day no junk thing....  I made it half way.  But--instead of continuing on with more candy, I was able to cut it off at one (can you hear the Hallelujah chorus here??).  No sodas, no chips/cookies/white bread/so on and so forth.  Just one Cadbury caramello, and it was worth it.  Otherwise, I've been back on lots of fresh fruits, lots of apples (at 59 cents a pound, I have lots of them!), fresh raw veggies in season--so that'd be lettuce and bagged salads right now, strawberries, asparagus, and so on.  I made a small pot (small in comparison to the big water bath canner I normally use to make soup in) of a beef broth based veggie soup with onions, celery, carrots, a bag of frozen mixed veggies, and some tomato sauce, simmered with some fresh from my herb bed oregano and thyme, and let me tell you it is good--those are my favorites, using up things already in the house!  I was really impressed to see my oregano and thyme with lots of green already, it's so early in the year.  Anyway, also been drinking lots of water, trying to drink at least 4 bottles of water (20 oz) a day.  Yes, it's the same bottle, constantly refilled.  Plus the morning coffee, and a cup or two of tea as well.  I should be floating by you all soon, just wave as I go by! lol

This week I've been working back on sewing again, as it's something I love to do, but don't get to do much of it anymore.  I have 2 machines and tons of hand sewing needles, tons of fabrics and scraps as well as clothing to reuse into projects, and this week I finally got to work on them.  This weekend I cut down a project I'd started last May, making myself a dress back then at the largest size and never got to sewing it.  I re-worked the skirt of it and made a twirly skirt for Jessica, and she wore it to church on Easter.  I also finished up 2-12 inch Dresden plates in harvest colors as a first time run on learning to make those.  While at the table and ironing board, I've been working through smaller scraps and cutting 1 1/2 inch, 2 1/2 inch, and 6 1/2 inch squares and putting them in containers to eventually use them in either 4 patch or 9 patch blocks.  When possible, I'd like to make some more clothing, using string blocks and patchwork--like a string vest and the jean skirts made from commercial made jeans and fabric added to them.  I saw a jacket an older lady at church wears, made in a pineapple log cabin style block that looks nice, and has really had the wheels turning in how I can use my scraps and stash to make something wearable.  Then also there's the hand stitching and working on the hexagon quilt that has been in progress since 9/13.  This week I went through more of my mom's dresses and my dad's flannel shirts to make hexagons to put into it.  While time consuming, it will be something that can be handed down eventually, if it ever gets done! lol  I am planning on backing it in patchwork from pieces of my wedding dress (dark blue cotton floral) and more of my mom's dresses in larger pieces.

It's also tornado season in Kansas!  We went from snow/ice/brrr to hunkering down for tornado season.  That's when you know it's spring--the calendar says one day, but it ain't official til the sirens wail and the sky turns funky colors.  Now don't get me wrong, we take them seriously, they are nothing to fool around with.  They are also a part of living here in the area we are, in southern Kansas bordering Oklahoma and Missouri, like earthquakes are for California and hurricanes are for the southern coastal areas, tornadoes are a part of life here.  Welcome spring!

How have you been doing this week?  I hope you have been enjoying the warmer weather, getting out and enjoying fresh air, and having a great time!

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  1. I'm glad to hear your knee is doing better & you are still on track with the food plan! I was thinking of "abiding under the Lord's wings" & had to quickly look in Psalm 91. I know you are safe from the tornados dwelling in the "shelter of the Most High". You reminded me of the carrots in my fridge that I need to cook, so I'm off to do that now. It's always good to read of the success that the Lord is giving you! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  2. Way to go Angie! Glad the knee is better:). Your vege soup sounds delish, think I'll make us a big pot. Hubby had knee surgery back in dec and is getting back to normal so he's trying to eT healthier and exercise with me. It's something we can do together. Sounds we like we have severe storms coming to n.e. Ks tomorrow. It's that time of year.

    Also been working in the garden, trying asparagus for the 1st time!
    I love Spring and reading my Bible on the front porch!

    Have a great week and God bless:)

  3. Hey Angie,sounds like you are going good and I am glad to hear that your knee is getting better. Congrats on only one chocolate what a legend you are :-). Praying for your safety during the tornado season, and also praying that God will bless you abundantly as you encourage others, because that is what you do. Blessings and lots of hugs your way xxx


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