Thursday, April 16, 2015

Following the Crowd

The crowd mentality is prevalent in just about any type of circle known in the world.  If a few do a certain thing, it becomes a "trend", and then the crowd follows the "trend" in order to fit in, regardless of how silly or even unhealthy the trend is.

It isn't any different in conservative circles.  We just have a conservative crowd on the bandwagon.

I got on my soapbox on my personal Facebook page yesterday about something as silly as the ingredients of "all natural" sweeteners.  It seems everywhere from commercials to hard copy ads we have people yelling at us or putting in our faces "all natural" this or that.  It's pushed in certain diet fads as well, "all natural" items that are processed in the factory for a long shelf life, "all natural" ingredients that are anything but.

The way people chase after these processed "all natural" products, it's almost treated as a god.

Something to remember, regardless of what way you choose to eat, what diet plan you follow if any:  if it's coming from the middle aisles of the grocery store, or would be found there (if you purchase online) otherwise, it's processed, has preservatives, and is *not* all natural.  If it can sit on a shelf for a year or so, it's not natural.  Natural goes bad in a short amount of time.  Natural will turn odd colors if left on the shelf a while.  Natural had a mama.

Case in point:  stevia.  It's a nice natural sweet plant.  It is green, you eat its leaves, and it grows like a bush if you keep pruning the leaves to eat.  I've grown this.  When you dry it for powder, it is not white.  It is green and brown, or totally brown depending on the depth of dehydration you go for.  If it's white, don't eat it--white is not good on a natural item.  In the stores, regardless of whether it's in a bulk bag or in little packets, it's not the natural leaf.  It's white.  It has maltodexterin, which is a starch that produces bulk and texture.  It also has "natural flavors", which when the product comes from a factory, those "natural flavors" are produced in a lab and plugged in to the product.  It's found with the baking supplies in the middle of the store, right next to cane sugar, Splenda, Equal, and so on.  A *real* stevia leaf would be found in the garden department or nursery, or in the herbs in the produce section with other perishable items.  Swerve, another sweetener, claims to be all natural, but is produced through the lab and in the factory--using extracts and "natural flavors", and a preservative to keep everything from turning funky while waiting on the middle shelves for someone to buy.

Why do these items trip my trigger?  False advertising.  Don't put "all natural" on something obviously produced in the lab and has a shelf life longer than my 18 year old cat.

If folks truly want all natural items, shop the outter aisles of your store.  The produce department, meat department, some of the dairy department.  Shop your farmer's market.  Grow your own.  But don't shop the middle aisles of the store and expect "all natural" to be natural, and then defend it to the death--you'll die in vain.

Ok, I feel better now.

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