Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge Week 30

30 weeks in and going strong!  Yay!

I have to say that starting the 21 Day challenge of not eating any of the junk has been awesome!  Seriously, it's amazing how much just a little junk allowed back into the diet can really wreak havoc.  You get used to the weekly candy, then it becomes 2x a week, then 3x a week, then near daily.  Then throw in sodas, all it takes is 1 to start it over.  Sugar, sugar, sugar, that sweet addictive sugar.

I started the 21 day thing last Thursday, so it hasn't been long.  I've dropped off  a couple of pounds so far, that I'd gained back with allowing the junk, so am at an even 0 gain/loss on the little badge thingy.  Still sitting at 67 pounds down.  I feel so much better, and really didn't have the detox stuff like the first time around, no grueling cravings or anything.  I've been having either oatmeal/fruit or a large glass of skim milk with Ovaltine or Slim Fast with a cup of coffee beside it.  No snack.  Then lunch has been back to the veggie soup with 2 kinds of beans and lentils and a side of apples.  If there's an afternoon snack it's another apple.  Supper has been either a Slim Fast or veggie soup from lunch (large batch made) and a small salad.  Oddly, there's no craving for sweets or chips or whatever.  I even baked a Hershey's chocolate cake from scratch for the family, and no desire to even lick the beaters let alone have a piece.  I had a very thin sliver of home baked pizza with salad tonight for supper, and it was satisfying.

Exercise has been a little harder, as the sciatic nerve thing hasn't went away.  I've divided up walking workouts to where I'm doing 2 miles before hamstring and calf tighten up too much, and then let it relax and go about the day, then come back for another 2 miles at the end of the day.  This gives me 4 miles, when I've normally been doing 3, so pain has actually increased the mileage.  Go figure.  I'm starting to work more with toning, and going to the YMCA tomorrow for a little while with middle child and his attendant, so I'll get a chance to do a little muscle work in the women's fitness part.

Today I went to Walmart and tried on some tops and skirts.  I didn't purchase any of them, but did try on to see where I stand now.  I tried a 12/14 (large according to the Faded Glory tag) peasant style top with key hole opening and shirred hem.  It fit well enough I'd wear it to church.  Then I tried on a 16 non-stretchy skirt, and it fit.  I wasn't fond of the cut, I prefer the denim ones, but since I didn't buy them, no biggie.  My original goal was a size 12.  I'm within a hair of that for the top, and inching closer for the bottom!  :)  I've since moved my goal to a size 8.  I am still at over 300 pounds, and able to wear a 12/14 top and 16 bottom.  Gotta love muscle mass!  There's still a lot of work to tighten up the apron area and the upper legs--they are infamous for being the last to go, and I'm no different with mine.  I had tears in my eyes when I saw this fit in the mirror today.  7 months ago, I was a size 34W/36W and couldn't wear anything on the plus size rack in the stores unless they specialized in plus sizes in higher numbers.

At first I still looked at the 28W for something, held it up, and immediately realized my mistake.  I still go to the largest part of the clothing.  I didn't recognize the body in the mirror, I don't see it too often in a mirror and it still surprises me after so many years of being in the high plus sizes.  I still feel like I'm wider than I am.  I still misjudge seats, thinking I'll never fit into them.  I still give people a wider girth like I used to so that I wouldn't bump into them on accident.  When I look down, I expect to see the belly that protrudes out beyond the chest, with no waist line and lots of rolls.  Hopefully that way of seeing things will go away in time.

I'm thankful for what all the Lord has done with the weight loss!  It's so nice to have energy to do the things I need to do, plus things I want to do.  I'm able to keep up with 3 houses to clean, with gardening, kids, and so on.  Granted it takes some coffee to get the engine started, but after that, it's good to go.  Without the Lord, without His encouragement (by way of you all) and strength, I'd still be over 400 pounds, miserable, fighting my health, and unable to do things my family needs me to do.  I still have to pray, "Lord, I can't do this on my own, I need Your strength."  He is faithful and lets me lean on Him.

He is faithful!

As we're rolling around to Resurrection Sunday, we are inundated with lots of chocolates, with candy in shapes of crosses, bunnies, eggs, and so on.  Remember the reason we celebrate the Resurrection, and how He still lives!

(And eat a little chocolate for me!)

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  1. This is very encouraging to read Angie! I am learning that it is truly glorious to "give God all the glory!" He hears our prayers & gives us the strength & help we need to live our lives for Him! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    1. I love your prayer Angie, "Lord, I can't do this on my own, I need your strength." Thank you for sharing your story, you are a blessing:)

    2. Thank you Cynthia! I appreciate all your kind words! You've been such a great encourager these last nearly 7 months!

    3. Natalie, this is one I have to pray rather often. Not just about weight/eating, but about things in life in general. Especially where raising the kids are concerned, it often gets to "Lord I can't do this".

  2. You are doing an amazing job and I think you are a wonderful example to us all, and no I'm sorry but I won't have chocolate for you this Easter, I don't need any either :-). Have a blessed Easter and I agree let's think about why we celebrate this season. Blessings dear friend. xxx

    1. Thank you Terri! You are such an encouragement! ((hugs))


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