Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Is In The Air! (And Weight Loss Challenge Week 29

It is absolutely beautiful outside now!  Spring came in like a lamb, and it's a nice fuzzy one.  The sun has been out, the air has been just right, and it's been great to pop up the windows and let that fresh breeze in the house and air out the winter blahs.

This week has been Spring Break from school.  One would think that'd be a relaxing vacation time.


I took the time and cleaned. Cleaning is an awesome exercise and calorie burner!!  One day I cleaned on my Father in Law's house.  The next day I worked on mountains of laundry that had built up from the days off from having the sewer line replaced and no laundry allowed, and also cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and so on and replace the vacuum after almost 6 years.  That day was free as my work client cancelled me for the day.  The next day it was more cleaning and errands, starting with deep cleaning the bathroom and scrubbing literally from the ceiling down.  Then church in the evening, which was nice. :)

Then Thursday, I started deep cleaning the upstairs and had kids help with their rooms.  We're talking using a microfiber window washer to wash walls, had kids work on base boards and each spindle on the stairs, dust rooms, vacuum all floors, and so on, then take my stepchildren to visit their mom about an hour away to stay there a few days.  Then I came home and finished scrubbing the hallway, more laundry, litter box, you name it.  Friday I cleaned at church, then came home and ran errands hubby needed done, and then dug up some lilies and irises that hubby's dad wanted to find homes for, and then transplanted them all into our flower bed and then created a new one.  I still have to go back and dig more out per Papa's orders.

Today is cookie baking for both church and the library's Ag Day, so the dough is made and chilling.  I still have a downstairs bedroom to clean, kitchen to clean up, and got laundry going.

In between those, I also planted lettuce, dill, basil, and chives.  I also kept up with doing at least 2 to 3 miles a day, and still need to get in today's.

I still have some more rooms to get through, more planting to do, a plot to dig up, and then regular upkeep.  Plus the work hours will be back in the coming week as well as regular appointments with the kids' various doctors and such.

This time last year, I couldn't have physically done as much cleaning as I have this week.  My body was too heavy, to cumbersome, and I had no energy to do it.  I'm still heavy, don't get me wrong, but with lots of fat taken off, the tasks are much easier to do, and the exercise from it helps even more.  It's amazing how much taking off weight helps!

Eating wise, some days have been great, others have been hurried and grabbing something quick from the fridge instead of thinking through and planning ahead.  I've lately been keeping bowls of apples and oranges out, as well as cutting up apples and oranges to grab in a hurry and snack on.  I've also been trying hard to put more protein in the diet, as our budget allows--it's amazing how much protein makes a difference in appetite!

How have you been this week?

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  1. You sound so incredibly busy and what a blessing that you have more energy to get things done. You are such a great example and encouragement to me. Thank you for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings


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