Monday, February 23, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge Week 25--Down But Not Out

This week has taken lots of encouragement to keep plodding on, not just with diet/exercise, but in general.

I know, no excuses.  We control what we put in our mouths, we control how often we exercise our bodies.  I didn't control myself very well while dealing with issues with the children that really drained more than I realized.

I went down, but I'm not out.

This past week involved not one, but two incidents with middle child that brought in law enforcement to help.  I had to call them myself, as his aggression got out of hand, once at home, once in public.  He doesn't communicate his feelings well--that happens with autism and mental retardation--and instead when he's very upset tends to use a fist or foot to let loose.  My husband and I have worked with him for many years to try to get him to use words instead, and more often than not he can successfully do so.  But, since his last visit with dad, who has a rather chaotic home life, he has deteriorated.  Our other two children have not been the easiest to manage these past weeks either, and with them combined together, and then add in other stress that comes with being in the "sandwich generation", we get drained.  There's stacks of paperwork, phone calls that seem to keep our line busy most of the day, faxes that are done nearly daily, emails on progress or lack of, visits from agencies who work with the kids, and then the daily household needs of meals, cleaning, animal tending (cats and a dog, but 2 cats when determined they want your attention turn into a herd), and so on.  Individually all of those are not stressing, but when put all together into one big ball, it's stress.

I got tired.

One evening when middle child had to be carried out of church this week, I sat down on the couch and let the tears flow.  I'd had my limit.  I told God I couldn't take anymore.  I wasn't strong enough to carry the load.

Many friends and family prayed, and I felt better.  I felt strength returning, where I could physically move and not want to camp out under a blanket and hide.  I even made it out to the little store here in town and purchased a calendar that was on clearance.  It has Psalms for each month.  For February, it has Psalm 28:7.

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.

The Lord knew I needed that right then.  So that calendar sits above my work table in the kitchen, so that I see it easily and am reminded that He is my strength.

Friends online have encouraged me to not give up, to not let my slip become a full slide down the hill.  I have needed that encouragement, as it feels very easy to go back to old ways--it is easy to slip and just keep slipping.

Sunday Pastor talked about how satan loves the defeated Christian.  I don't want satan happy with how I am.  I refuse to feel defeated, overwhelmed, and down for the count.  I let satan have a moment's hold, and that was a moment too long.

So, this is a new week and a chance to begin afresh.  I'm already on target for the week on exercise.  I start the counting on Sundays.  Eating, well, it's been worse, it's been better.  I made a fresh pot of soup, have some salad prepped in the fridge to take to work with me, plenty of fresh fruit in the fridge and in a bowl on the table to grab and go.  There's lean meats prepared to use whenever needed.  The tea stash is still plentiful, and I browsed the Bigelow tea site and definitely saw some that drew my interest--seriously, they have chocolate tea!!!


So, things are looking up--chocolate without the calories!!  God sure knows how to make my day!!

How are you doing on your journey?

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  1. It sounds like you have had a tough time, but I am so glad that you have family and friends to pray for you and with you and I am praying with you too. What a wonderful thing to get that calendar and have God speak so directly to your heart. Be strong my good friend and keep close to Him, He knows all your needs and will continually be there supporting you. Blessings to you as you continue on your weight loss journey and just your everyday life journey. xxxx and lots of hugs.

    1. Thank you Terri, for your encouragement! God is faithful even when I'm not, and He's strength when I have none. :)

      How have you been doing?????

  2. Hey Angie, I have been going well, although tired at times. We have had our daughter and her family visiting this week and that was so wonderful to see them and our granddaughters and she has another baby due in September which is such a blessings. Weight loss wise I haven't been going too good, but I am determined to keep trying and working on finding the time to exercise. When do you do you walking??? the days just seem so short at times and we are in summer, I can't imagine when you do it when you are in winter. I pray God will give us both energy and strength and motivation to keep on going. Blessings to you Angie and your family. xxx

    1. Oh how wonderful! I am glad to hear you had a good visit with your daughter and family!

      Keep up the good work you're doing there! It's the little steps that add up. We all love those huge momentous drops, but the little ones do just the same. :)

      I walk (in the house) anytime I can get it in. Sometimes early morning, sometimes middday, sometimes night. The dvd's are set to 15 minute miles, and if you have 15 minutes, you get that mile in pretty quick. Some days are harder to get it in than others, most definitely, especially on days I have to head to work almost immediately after kids go to school. But there's usually some time somewhere in the day I can get in at least 15 minutes. I shoot for 45, but I take what I can get. Ambitious days 90 is really good!

      Winter is in full roar right now, with it snowing around 4 to 6 inches as we speak. This is more than we've had combined all year, so granted the fields need it, but I could quite live without it. I'd make for a good Florida person, until it got blistering hot. :)

      How is the season going there where you are??

      Thank you for your encouragement, Terri! You've been a wonderful friend, and a huge blessing! Someday we're going to have to meet up in one country or the other!

  3. Thanks for your encouragement on trying to fit in 15 mins. I downloaded one of the walking videos you talked about but I haven't gotten to it yet, hopefully this week. I would love to see snow but I am sure it would get very humdrum very quickly.
    Our weather here this summer has been quite pleasant. We have had some hot days but not many and we have had rain. Our fire season has been very quiet which is great. The weather hasn't been conducive to growing tomatoes but our corn looks great. I am like you and I am not really keen on the heat. Our winters don't come with snow but they can be very cold and wet. I really enjoy winter but by the end of it you are looking for sunshine.
    I hope one day we can meet too, what a wonderful blessing that would be. Thank you, thank you and thank you for your encouragement and friendship. Have a great week and may you all be blessed. xxxx

  4. Oh and by the way I like the look of your new site and the springish feel it has. Blessings


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