Monday, February 16, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge Week 24

Is spring ever going to get here??????????

It's Monday and we are at the end of a mild snow.  Maybe 2 to 3 inches.  That's not the thing that is getting me, it's the cold.  The bitter north wind seeps through the tiniest cracks and just goes to the bone.  I'm thankful for the layers of clothing to keep warm, both inside the house and out, and will be even more thankful when it's warmer and we can open windows and not face frostbite to go outside!

So, it's week 24 of my weight loss journey.  That's almost 6 months in.  On 3/4/15 the 6 month anniversary hits!

In the last 6 months, what started out as determination to change has become a lifestyle.  I don't have to purposefully think anymore about what to eat.  It comes more naturally now to look at calorie counts, at carb counts, fat count, and serving sizes.  I am more likely to make the healthier choice 95% of the time.  It's not as enjoyable to sit down to a greasy pizza as it used to be, as in the back of my mind I think "I'm going to have to really work hard to keep this from sticking to the hips".  That takes the fun out of it.  I've drifted away from the calorie counting apps, and mostly just keep track in my head as I go.  When you eat a pretty simple diet that isn't full of complicated recipes, it's fairly easy to keep a general track.  So what if I'm a calorie or two off?

What started 6 months ago (almost) has become easy to do.  I don't worry about whether a certain food is "approved" or "unapproved", if I have to buy a certain product to fit into a diet plan, I've never found a 1/32 teaspoon size (here we call those "pinches"), and I have not been having to buy protein powders and so on to put into recipes.  I've watched people do the fads diets (even if they are called a "lifestyle", a lot of people quit), even tried a few, and they *do* work for a short time.  But, if you can't do something for the long haul, can't make it a part of your regular life, if you have a "stop date", then it's not something that will work for people like me who have to fight the fat til the end.   It's not a fad to eat simple and mostly healthy.  You won't get rich or famous by choosing the apple over the cookie.  You don't have to have your own line of sweeteners (xylitol anyone?) or organic food or ridiculous sounding recipe names to lose weight.  You simply have to create a calorie deficit somehow, whether by calorie or exercise, or both.  It's easier to make that deficit by eating veggies, fruits, proteins, whole grains, whole foods than it is to eat sweets and high calorie things.  You don't even have to buy a book to do it.  You don't have to buy products for a particular diet name to do it.  You just have to start, keep working at it, work with what you have, and incorporate it into your every day life and tailor to your particular needs, family needs, and go with it.

Sorry bout that rant--I've been seeing diets and fads that swear they aren't fads and diets, and deliver the same results as fads and diets.  I'd say my thoughts on the Trim Healthy Mama, Maker's Diet, Atkins, and some other more recent ones, but I'd have my inbox lit up.  But, I will say this:  use common sense, and don't put your food/diet/book/author/ingredients as a god over THE God.

This past week has been one of off and on sickies, it seems as though while I don't get a full blown flu or sinus thing or whatever, I get drug down just enough for a fever, then it goes away with some extra rest, and then am back to normal.  The kids have brought home things and so far have not been down with them myself, just the cold that goes and comes and goes again and returns.  I attribute that to all the fruits and veggies and such that I've taken in and encouraged hubby to use as well.  I imagine in time it'll hit, but hopefully won't be as bad as others have had.  On the rest days I've not exercised as much, only got in 15 miles this past week.  My goal had been to up the amount.

Food wise it's been average.  Lots of veggies/fruits/soups, and occasional snacks with the family.  Basically the regular things I've been working at.  I've been so tired this week that I've made more easy to reheat meals instead of lots of cooking daily.  This way hubby or I can just throw some things on the plate and nuke it in a hurry.

For the first time as an adult, I went to a ball game.  Well, school ball game.  I had been embarrassed before, due to size, to go.  I wouldn't been able to fit in the old bleacher seats.  We took the kids to a basketball game, and I was able to fit into the pull down seats.  Barely.  They were older and definitely not made for plus sizes.  But, I still fit, and no red marks or bruises afterward.  We enjoyed a snack, as the kids saved some money back from their allowance to go to the concession stand.  I should have used my purse as a stash hiding bag and brought our own, it would have saved a ton.  The kids were happy that mom finally came along with them to a school activity.  They all cheered for our team, and they won.  It was nice to see people I recognized, although I don't know names of many.

So overall it was a good week.

How has your week been???

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  1. I totally agree about the "fad" diets. They all boil down to eating healthfully and being active. Not everyone is made to be stick-thin, and I swear "skinny" is also a "god"! You should see my stomach after 5 children, but I LOVE it and remind my daughters often that I have a solid and strong body that I thank God for! That way it is easy to treat myself right ;)

    1. On the fads, it's funny, Solomon said it clearly in Ecclesiastes a long time ago--there's nothing new under the sun. So many of the "fads" are simply repackaged older diets, jazzed up to make them look new and exciting. One out now is a packaged shake drink diet. There's already one out, Slim fast, which is much less expensive than the new shake one. I looked into it as it's being pushed a bit on my facebook page, and the month's worth of shakes is almost as much as our entire food budget. Plus buy workouts. I'm not buying any workouts when I can move my behind for free. It's another one of the pyramid things, where you sign on under someone, then you sign more up under you, and then they sign up under them and you get kickbacks and so on and so on. But for us of the more financially challenged sort, the fads and stuff just don't cut it. Simply changing diet and adding exercise does. :) You're right, skinny has become a god, as have many of the methods to get to skinny. I'm seeking a strong, healthy body, and will never see stick size. With a strong, healthy body, it's much easier to serve the Lord--less pain and more desire to get out there and serve either out in the open or behind the scenes!

  2. AND you are doing a great job! So inspiring!!

  3. That's sweet that your kids were happy to have you at the ball game! Cathy at thoughts on books blogspot has a lovely post on spring as a tribute to the 21 Christian Egyptians that were martyred. Our gray skies seem fitting in light of that sad event. So thankful for our hope & eternal life in Jesus & prayers, Cynthia

    1. Have you been keeping up with the Christians in the Middle East? We think here it's horrible if someone tells us we shouldn't pray outloud, when doing so there means death. Many there are being martyred for Him, we couldn't imagine it here. The closest I've ever seen is through my father in law who was detained by police in Cuba for simply taking family to church when he was there in the 90's. I fear our time is coming, when we won't be "safe", as God lifts his protective hand off of our country.

  4. Hi Angie,
    I think maybe I've outgrown the dad diets. Finally to a place where I just want to be at a healthy weight and be able to walk steps without panting like crazy. I'm not to where I don't have to think about it, I do hope and pray for a lifestyle change!
    I admire you for making it almost 6 months Angie, that's amazing.
    I can't wait for the weather to warm so I can walk outside agai
    Have a bless

    1. I think I have too. I've sat back and watched folks flock to "new" diets out there, but the results usually come out the same. In time it ends, and in time the weight returns.

      Oh I so understand the walk without panting! When I started out in September, I couldn't walk a block without huffing and puffing, and 2 blocks to the city park about killed me. We live 2 blocks from the park, and attached to it is the city pool. I don't have issues with folks in swimming suits, couldn't care less. But I had issues with this fat chica getting in the water, and so I wouldn't. It hurt to swim. I could and can swim after learning in the Red River, but had no desire to get in the water when it hurt so much coming out--gravity caught up!

      You can do it Natalie! With God, you can do anything as long as He's in it! The thing I've enjoyed so far--not huffing and puffing going up the stairs to the top floor of the house. Those were killers. And noisy.

  5. Oh my, not sure what happened to my above post,
    Have a blessed week, and I hope you post a 6 month picture!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! We'll see about that pic. :) I don't have a phone that does pics or net or anything, so will see if can get one.

  6. I agree with you about the fad diets, they are so many on them. I agree that a healthy eating plan is far more sensible and exercise and you are such an inspiration for both. Blessings


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