Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge Week 23

Here we are, the middle of February!  It has been absolutely beautiful outside, with upper 60's for highs for the past few days.  You can't beat that for February!

This week has been a little rocky.  There was an arctic blast that rocked our world, and in turn threatened to explode my joints.  Barometric pressure has a tendency to change, and so do the joints.  For half of the week, I wasn't walking very well no matter what I did to work with it.  But, I kept on doing the exercise dvd's, just had to vary the movements just a tad more to keep from stiffening up to where I couldn't bend.  I believe that the exercise kept the joints from really stiffening up to where I wouldn't have been able to climb the stairs or do much else.

My exercise goal was more than met.  The standing goal is 18 miles a week, or 3 miles a day x 6 days a week.  I made it at least 20 miles, plus the standard house keeping work, and the paid work that is light housekeeping compacted into a smaller amount of time.  I may up the goal by a mile or two a week and keep pushing along.  I no longer feel the first mile to mile and a half it's like a stroll even at a 4 mph pace.  I have to add in stretch band work or weights in order to really feel anything.  Of course back in September a mile was not an option.

Eating has been decent until Friday.  I've stayed on track, kept track of calories, put snacks in the right places, etc.  Friday, I didn't just fall off the wagon, I did the swan dive.  Hubby took me to Pizza Hut for lunch, and I got to try the chicken with bbq drizzle pizza.  It was amazing.  Like 8 little pieces amazing--they weren't full sized pieces, these were about 1/3 of a regular size piece, but they add up.  The rest of the day was just as bad, with sweets and maximum carbs.  But we enjoyed ourselves and allowed a day off of the routine eating goals.  I've since climbed back on the wagon.  Today started with a very light breakfast and lunch, and a medium/light supper.  I even baked goodies for both my bio son's birthday and hubby's birthday--son's is today, hubby's is the 8th.  And then I baked a few dozen cookies for church.  I behaved.  The sweets just were not appealing.

Weight wise, I weighed in on Friday, and stayed at the exact amount I was the week before, down to the ounce.  I haven't pulled that off before.  I'm going to have to work at burning off more and cutting out more calories so there's not a plateau and possible gain.  Definitely do-able. :)

This week I've been on a kick to decorate in the kitchen.  I spend a ton of time there, and it's been just solid white.  We aren't allowed to paint it (except to touch up if we want), so it's a nice neutral pallet to add all kinds of colors to.  So, hubby and I went to the local flea market/antique shop and hunted for bargains.  I came out $24 later with a percolator coffee pot and a nice stack of linens.  2 nice table cloths, napkins with hand embroidery and tatting or crochet, a set of pillow cases with beautiful embroidery by hand and crochet edging, and a table center piece with hand embroidery, all with little to no stains.  I went ahead and added the table cloths to the work table.  The table underneath is old and worn and an eye sore.  The heavy linens made it look much nicer. :)


I also put up some deep red curtains over the tall south facing window.  Hubby had me order fabric I'd been wanting in a vintage farm advertisement print, and I'm going to make valances for the small over the sink window and the door that goes to the porch, and there should be plenty left for an apron and pot holders and maybe small appliance covers.  I really want to do lots of bright cheery colors and farm/rural theme, since we do live in a farm town in Kansas (hence the sunflower welcome sign).   I plan on doing some soft wall hangings, like panels that are quilted and hung, in farm/rural life related themes as well.  There's lots of room to put touches of color in, just got to find the right things to put in.

Well, I hope you all have a great week!  I will see you again soon!

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  1. Hi Angie, sounds like you are doing a great job with your walking and housework. The pizza sounds yummy and I don't think it hurts to do that occasionally as long as you can climb back on again. I like the tablecloth and doilies you got, they are really pretty. Have a great week and may you all be blessed.

  2. I enjoy sunflowers too, only we pretty much just have the weedy kind that grows along the road & in my yard, because I like them! I had to give up walking for exercise a few years ago, because I had so many foot problems. But God has helped me adjust & maintain my weight....sometimes just maintaining is good! We studied in Philppians last night & the verses in chapter three are fresh in my mind; " not that I have....become perfect, but I press on toward the goal, for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus....let us keep living by that same standard to which we have attained..." Paul reminds us that we will never be perfect, but the goal is Jesus, & we need to press on & continue the good fight! Encourages me, hope it helps you as well. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    1. Thank you for the reminder from Paul!

      The "weedy" sunflowers are just as pretty. :) We get lots of them from the black oil sunflower seed in the bird feed. Then we put out the 12 foot Russian Mammoth ones to get the seed head and roast the seed for snacks. Middle child loves to plant and tend them, he calls them HIS flowers.


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