Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Are We As Faithful?

The news has been buzzing about the Jordanian who was burned alive by ISIL/ISIS.  Graphic video and stills flood various media outlets, at least on the conservative media areas I've seen.

The devil's tactics have not changed.  Jews faced gas chambers and then the incinerator during the Holocaust.  The Salem Witch trials used greed and superstitious beliefs to put many men and women to death by the burning stake.  Many Protestants were put to death at the burning stake throughout the Middle Ages.  Early Christians were lit up as torches during the early persecutions shortly after Christ's death and resurrection.

Nothing has changed.  Sure, the scenery is different, the players are different, but it's still the same.  The devil works hard, with shock and awe, with fire, death, condemnation, oppression, to keep people slaves to him.  The tactics have not changed.

This time the people he is using are true believers in the Koran.  These faithful Muslims set out to follow their beliefs according to the guidelines in the Koran and the Hadiths.  They are faithful even unto death.  They are told in the Koran to kill the people of the Book (Jews and Christians).  They are told in the Koran to kill the hypocrite Muslim who will not support the jihadis.  They commit suicide and take as many as they can with them in order to go to what they believe is heaven.

In the days, weeks, months, years ahead, we will see more of the graphic videos and still photos.  The devil is hard at work in the remaining days he has left to take as many people with him to hell.  He is using those faithful to the god of the Koran, Allah, to do the horrendous work.

They are faithful to their book.  Can we say the same about us, about our faithfulness to our Lord and Savior, and to the Bible?

If we were to face someone from ISIL/ISIS, someone who has the command to kill us because we choose not to become a Muslim, would we stand up and stand strong in faith to Jesus?  Would we be as faithful to Christ as Muslims are to Allah?  Are we as faithful?

If you would like to have a copy of the Koran, as translated into English by an expert in Islam, I would highly recommend visiting Usama Dakdok's website.  Usama is an Egyptian by birth and a naturalized American.  He was raised in the public schools in Egypt and taught Islam, but was from a Christian home.  He is an evangelist, and seeks to tell as many as he can the truth about Islam.

We keep a copy of the Generous Qu'ran on our shelf.  I highly recommend getting a copy for yourself from Usama, and reading it through.  If you are not aware of many of the teachings in Islam, you will have your eyes opened.

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