Saturday, January 3, 2015

What Is The Root of Overeating part 2

Back in part 1 we started looking at the root of overeating/gluttony .  It sure stepped on toes, but it got right to the point.  We read the definition of gluttony.  We also went over a small amount of verses about gluttony.  I don't know about you but my toes are sore!!

We established that overeating, gluttony, is a sin.  How?  It makes food more important than God.  Gluttony puts the pleasures of eating above God, which make it an idol.

We eat when we're sad or depressed.  Instead of taking our worries, our cares to the Lord, we take it to the cookie jar, the candy dish, the refrigerator.  We indulge in things that bring us calories and fat.  Most people don't emotionally eat a carrot or celery stick.

We eat when we're happy.  Again, we take it to the cookie jar, the cheesecake, the candy dish, the feasts.  We praise the Lord, and then pick up the fork.  Now, feasting itself isn't bad, even the Lord Himself was at a wedding feast.  But it's when we feast on a regular basis that problems arise.  When we get to Heaven, we get to go to the marriage supper--can you imagine the feast that will be?????

We eat when we're not thinking.  Like when driving.  Or in front of the tv.  Or computer.  Or ball games.  Any place where there brain is not fully engaged with what is going into the mouth.

What are we doing when we give so much emphasis to food before the Lord?  Sinning.  Yeah, I don't like it either.  Why?  I still tend to do it if I don't watch myself.  I don't want to sin against my Lord and Savior, but I do it anyway.

But--here's the good part--we don't HAVE to keep the cycle going!  We don't HAVE to give in to the desire to overeat.  We CAN stop it!

God will forgive us for our sin of gluttony,   We simply need to wholeheartedly ask Him for His forgiveness.  We need to turn away from our tendency to push food in our mouths.  He will help if you ask!!  How do I know??  I ask almost daily for Him to help me for each day to help me not to sin against him with gluttony.  In my prayers, I tell Him I don't want to overeat, I don't want to sin against Him, I want to be as healthy as He would have me be.  Many days, I am able to withstand the desire and not even blink.  The days I don't listen to the small voice that encourages me not to over do it, I over eat.

If you trust Him for your salvation, you can trust Him for your health.  Whether you start now, a month from now, a year from now, if you ask of Him and it's in His will, He'll do it.  He'll forgive you, He'll help you overcome, and He'll be there along the way.

Simply ask.

He loves you so much, He made your body a temple for Him to live in while you're here on earth.  It's up to us how we want that temple treated.

How are you treating your temple?

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