Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weight Loss Challenge Week 20

Well, it's starting of week 20 of my weight loss challenge.  Where does the time go??

This week has been eventful but not on the weight front (much).  It's been busy, with a change in staffing for middle child, so my schedule just got more full until new staff is hired and trained.  In the meantime, it's more handling the after effects of changes that middle child isn't too happy with.

Here soon, I start working as well.  I will mostly do housekeeping a few hours a week, maybe some respite time as well, during school hours.  Not too very long ago I'd been told to go on disability because I was too fat to work.  Now I hold a part time job.  Fat isn't a disability.  The extra income will help offset some needs that come up, like the fridge that is going out slowly, routine vehicle repairs/maintenance, kids' needs.  There will still be more than enough time to tend my own home and family and get in exercise, so it's just an added bonus--housekeeping is an exercise, it helps someone else, and I get compensation.  It works out well.

On the weight front, I have gotten down to where I can now wear 18/20 in the yoga pants, and wear them comfortably.  I even wore them out and about town while running errands.  That made me feel on top of the world--especially since I don't "see" the 18/20 body, I still "see" the 34/36 in the mirror.  I'm still working at whittling away, though.  There's a long ways left to go, but it's encouraging to see results.  Hubby has also mentioned wanting to purchase for me some new clothes in the smaller size, maybe out of the clearance area of Woman Within, as the clothing there is good quality and less expensive than Walmart most of the time.  I have been wanting a denim skirt or two, so we'll see.

This morning, I had a pleasant experience.  I used to make (and still do when I get a chance to get upstairs to the machine) my own cape dresses.  Yes, I wear yoga pants and cape dresses--interesting combination, isn't it??  I love the comfort in the dresses, and they are modest, especially on cold mornings they tend to hide things.  I had always made the largest on the pattern size, a 1x, and the pieces were always very snug through the body.  Why?  I wasn't a 1X.  The sizing for the largest on the pattern was bust 44-46 and waist 38-40.  Today, I had room in the bust and waist, even with darts, that I'd never had before.  There's enough room in the fit, I'm ready to move to the next size down--42/44 bust and 34/36 waist the next time I cut and sew.  This summer when I was making dresses, I had to add inches to the pattern to make it fit.  Now, I'm working down the pattern sizes.  The dress pattern I use is here.  It is from Candle on the Hill.  Now that I can fit into the actual pattern sizes instead of having to add to them, I can use the various patterns I've purchased from them through the past few years, like the vest, the surplice apron, the culottes, etc.

Can you tell I'm excited here??? :)

This week I didn't quite make my exercise goal.  I was 1 mile under the 18 mile goal.  But 17 miles is nothing to sneeze at.  It has been nice outside the past few days, so middle child and I also took the beagle out for a walk, so that may have made it 17 1/2.  The dog had a hard time keeping up with me!  It is gorgeous outside, so am hoping to make it out more before it turns cold again.  It is still January, and 62 is not "normal" for southern Kansas in January, but I'll sure take it!

So, that's it for this week's update.  I haven't had much time to go to all the link ups that I've been to in the past.  I don't get to get online that much, just seems like there's a lot to do.  I hope this week to make it to some of my favorite link ups and read all the cool blog posts and put in my own.

Thank you all for your encouragement!!

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  1. Your weight loss journey is really motoring along. I am so thrilled for you with the pattern and the sizes, that is just excellent and so is the part time work. You have such a wonderful attitude. I have been doing some weeding in the vegetable garden and this is great exercise. Thanks for stopping by when you are so busy and for linking up at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings friend.

  2. Thank you Terri :) I envy you and your gardening--it is a breathe of fresh air in the winter here! You're right, gardening is great exercise!!

    Thank you for stopping in!! :)

  3. Congratulations! I'm really happy for you. I use the Candle on the Hill pattern too. I love it as it is super quick and easy. Don't wear out your poor dog too much!


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