Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cold Weather Hobby, Or What Keeps My Hands Busy

A year and a half a go I read through a few books during "Quilt Month" at the library in Pittsburg, KS.  They had a huge display of books, and a beautiful vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden paper pieced quilt as the backdrop for the display.

I read through a few books on quilting, and the bug bit me.  I had to learn how to do this.

Sewing clothing I could do, been doing it for years.  Piecing precisely cut intricate designs?  Maybe not.

So, I took a chance and found a design that would give precise pieces, and is hand stitched and very mobile--as in it goes to appointments, waiting rooms, and so on.  English paper piecing is the way I went.  Hexagons to be exact.

I copied a small hexagon onto copy paper by hand, filled the page, and then made many copies of it.

In the evenings, I sit with the family, basting little pieces of fabric to the hexagon paper  shapes, and add them to a growing pile in a box.  There's a few thousand of them now, from scraps of fabrics, but mostly from my late mother's clothing.  Some pieces are from mine and stepdaughter's, but mostly mom's.  She loved the vintage styles of prints, and had many floats from reproduction type fabrics purchased through catalogs that catered to those styles.

This project has grown beyond what is photographed.  It's grown to a queen sized width, and is working on a 3rd row of "blocks".  Some of it is already quilted in place, using a quilt as you go type method.

The back is pieced as well, using scraps and larger pieces of clothing that are suitable.  It's a hodgepodge of sorts, and works well with the quilt as you go style, as it's not too long to get in the way, but grows as the front does.  The batting is basic low loft doubled over, and it too is pieced together from leftovers for now.  This is a true scrap quilt!  When it is all done, it will be bound straight, and you'd never be able to tell it was done in this fashion.

This is my first quilting project, and while I've finished 3 other quilts in the meantime, this is what I go back to.  I'm currently working on a hand quilted baby quilt, and when it is finished, back to this I shall go.

What do you like to work with while waiting at appointments, riding in the car on trips, or sitting listening to radio or tv?

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  1. That's very pretty & artistic, yet also practical since it uses up small pieces of fabric & you can take it along with you to work on. I've made basic square quilts, tied off with yarn & some crocheted rag rugs. It was for a season though, as I don't plan to make any more. I am looking forward to painting outdoors when spring gets here. I do flower murals on the outdoor furniture, shed, etc. I enjoy looking at them through my windows during the winter. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    1. Oh Cynthia, that sounds lovely! You should share pictures of your work!!!


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