Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Taste of Spring

The past few days it has not felt like January.  It has felt like June!

It has been in the 60's and 70's.  For here in Southeast Kansas, that is a miracle.  That is normally May or June weather here.

That's fine--we are LOVING it!!

Tomorrow the cold returns, but while the beautiful warmth is here, we've been dreaming of garden season.  Hubby has helped till the garden spot at his dad's in preparation for the coming planting season.  We've thumbed through seed catalogs and websites for the regular items we plant yearly, plus  all the pretty flowers that in our mind's eye would look lovely in the yard.  We've discussed expanding flower beds and building up existing ones, transplanting perennials and so on.

It's amazing what a bit of warm weather will do!

Alas, tomorrow it returns to the normal 30's and 40's, and this weekend we are to see rain or snow.  It is still January.

Now that we've had that taste of spring, we all the more look forward to the planting season, to the time when we can get outside and enjoy the Kansas breeze (more like wind) and get our hands dirty while growing the things we enjoy.

What are you planning for the spring garden season?

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  1. You gotta love KS weather! I've gotten very spoiled going for long walks while the weather has been nice.
    We had prayed and really felt led by The Lord to downsize. A year ago we moverd to the country and love it! This will be our 2nd yr for a garden, even bigger than last years. Hubby is building a chicken coop so we can begin to raise chickens in the Spring. I can't wait! We are really learning to trust God in meeting our needs.

    God is good, always:)

  2. It seems the weather is weird all over the place. Some say our summer heat has finished here already but who knows what will happen in February and March. We are planning on planting our tomatoes in a hothouse next year which is exciting and will hopefully be ready to roll late July for really early spring plantings. We don't get snow but we can get some good frosts that kill off plants. I am glad you are planning heaps and I look forward to seeing photos as it all comes to fruition. Blessings


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