Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tips for Making It Through The Christmas (Candy) Season

Christmas candy--it's everywhere!!  Little trees, snowmen, elves, you name it, it's there just calling your name.  It echoes mine across the store, and has beacons up just waiting for me to come visit.

It's a conspiracy I tell you!

This year, I refuse to be drawn in to the Christmas sabotage in those little brightly wrapped pieces of yummy chocolate goodness.  I've had my allotment I'm allowing myself for the season.

Instead, I've invested some money into something else.  Fresh fruit!

Right now, at least in our area, apples, bananas, and oranges are on sale.  I have a love for large seedless oranges.  I only get them during the Christmas season, and each year I look forward to another bin full of them.

This year, the sweet of the fruits are taking the place of the cane sugar sweetness of the candy.

Now, I'm just like any other red blooded American who loves candy.  I really really really enjoy Christmas candy, especially the hard pieces with soft gooey middle that are more old fashioned.  They are even more alluring in that they only come out once a year.  This is not easy.  In fact, it's very hard to say no, to walk away from the candy, to stay out of the chocolates.

Another tip to make it through the candy season--exercise!

Think about it:  if you've hoofed it through a 45 minute walking/jogging session, do you *really* want to eat all those calories just burned up in a handful of Reece's?  I've had to stop and ask myself that one.  Also, exercise really does make you feel better, you work hard and enjoy the benefits of it.  You get a lift that chocolate can't simulate (at least not as well).

Tip #3:  if you really want to indulge, take a look at the serving size, calories per serving, and keep track of what you take in.  A piece of candy here and there won't crash anyone's plans.  It's a whole bag here and there that really causes problems.  I am capable of eating the entire bag of M&M's or Reece's, so this is something I must watch.  I don't know if you do, but these are stumbling blocks bigger than the Rocky Mountains.

You can make it through the Christmas season and not put on 20 pounds!  I know you can!

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