Saturday, November 1, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge--Week 9

What an awesome week!

I had opportunity this week to stop in the clinic I use for medical needs, and hopped on their scale.  It was nice!


46 pounds gone since September 4, 2014!

I was expecting maybe 2 or 3 since my last weigh in.  I really didn't expect much, as I've been eating more than in the first month.  I didn't expect to drop 10 or so in 2 weeks when I really thought I'd hit a plateau.

I'm thrilled naturally!

Here is a pic from this week, of my son and myself at Special Olympics bowling.

The lump by my right arm is my hip and a bit of belly, mostly hip.  10 % of bodyweight gone, as compared to:

I still have that blue skirt--it was about calf length in that picture, now it's ankle length.  It's a homemade one with easily adjustable elastic. :)

As the weeks go by I'm settling into a pattern I can sustain.  With God's help, I'm overcoming the big things that helped me get to the 400 pounds I started with....emotional eating, seeking comfort in a bag of chips instead of the Lord, wanting a sugar high instead of a Holy Spirit high, and so on.  Sometimes my prayers are nothing more than a weak "help!"  Other times it's easy to focus on Him and seek out His face.  I've even started working on a study on gluttony in Scripture.  It steps on my toes, but it's interesting.  I'll post it when I get it done--it's not ready yet. :)

This week and in the past two or three, I've been reading different books on diet, exercise, and so on.  I've read "Chubster", "The Maker's Diet", "Leslie Sansone's Eat Smart Walk Strong", and Jillian Michaels' "Master Your Metabolism".  I've taken a little bit of each, the good, and thrown out the things that just don't fit into a homemaker on a budget's realm of possibilities.  There are many good ideas in these books.  "Chubster" seems the most common sense and down to earth, written by an everyday guy (definitely a secular book as well).  Leslie Sansone's book and dvd's are pretty motivating.  I didn't get much from "The Maker's Diet" and Jillian Michaels' books, as they pushed all organics/grass fed/no chemicals at all in anything/special washing ("Maker's Diet")/and foods that are just way out of our budget.  One thing I did walk away with, was to eat most of your foods that have a mom or came from a plant.  I can do that.  I'm working on a book now about breaking the sugar addiction.  I've already done that task, but am interested in reading what "experts" say to do.  It's a little out there, from what I'm reading.  I do admit, reading these books did change some ideas, reinforced others, and made me think more about what I eat and how I exercise.  And, they've not changed my beliefs on farming practices--I was raised on working farms, live in a rural farming area, and stand by farmers.  I like farmers and support them--I kinda like eating.

Basically my daily intake has evolved into more fresh fruits, mainly apples.  I bought 30 pounds of them today at 33 cents a pound.  I eat on average of 4 a day or more.  2 apples has the same calorie count as 1 cookie the kids love, so apples it is.  I've also kept raw carrots in the fridge, and we brought in the rest of the garden produce for the year.  I made a canner (yes, the huge waterbath type) full of veggie soup using fresh peppers, onion, celery, tomatoes, some frozen veggies, and potatoes in homemade bone broth, and once cooled stored it in small containers for the freezer that are easy to pull out and thaw, while keeping a few cups of it in the fridge.  This has been a main staple, and it's very filling and satisfying, and I know where my ingredients mostly come from.  This can be easily modified from serving to serving with lentils, beans, a little tomato sauce, rice, pasta, etc, for different flavors and textures.  I sip on herbal teas most of the day now, and started limiting coffee to 2 cups in the morning, dark roast or espresso.  I broke down and bought a can of Slim Fast powder to keep in the cabinet, for the days I don't feel hungry but really do need to eat something--especially breakfast--did you know Slim Fast powder tastes pretty good in coffee?  I don't really like using powders for meals, but I've noticed that if I keep drinking or light snacking, at least every 3 to 4 hours, I don't get voraciously hungry, I keep on an even keel with blood glucose, and I don't get stuffed either.  Some mornings things get so hectic I kinda forget to eat, so it's easier to put a little shake thing together and go on to the next meal as normal, than to skip it and let my body think "oh no she isn't going to feed me".  My meals are whole grains, fresh fruits, raw veggies or soups with lots of veggies, some meats like baked chicken or an occasional piece of ham, maybe a piece of from scratch bread every other day, lots of liquids.  Now this may change day to day, but who doesn't change?  I've also snacked on a few cookies this week, and let me tell you--they tasted AWESOME!  But, they weren't worth the calories...they were very tasty, but not worth the guilt afterward.

For the first time, I've been able to naturally get that "shut off" switch to work.  You know what I'm talking about--that signal you feel when your body says "that's enough".  Most of my life, I've not had that.  I would keep going until you'd think food was stacked up to the tonsils.  There was no "slow down, that's enough", it was straight to "now you done did it, evacuate evacuate!"  I finally feel like I have some control over when to stop, and actually feel the first warning signs of "enough".

Please please don't think this is all about self deprivation!  It's not!!  In these past weeks, this has been an adventure learning how to find a way of nourishing the body in a way that can be sustained and is also healthy.  This isn't a crash diet, lose 20 pounds in 2 days type thing.  I've done those through the years--the results were the 400 pounds I started with.  I can't live on a very restricted diet, it's not feasible and I'll just break it, so why not work with what's available and learn to be responsible with food?  I don't deprive myself of anything.  Since the side effects of the diabetes meds have worn off and basically nothing is off limits, the things I've loved for years, the high sugar, high fat, fried, sweet, etc, just don't appeal as much.  But there are once in a while times when a cookie looks good, and I'll have one.  I've had a couple candy bars.  A couple servings of Doritos.  If I keep with the package servings, I can keep control, am satisfied, and feel no desire to eat the whole bag of whatever.  Don't know if that makes sense, but it works. :)  There's no feeling that anything is off limits, so there's no constant desire...or obsessing...over a food.  I do make a mental note of the calories per serving and decide if it's really worth it or not.  Is that 150 calorie cookie worth it?  Once in a while, yes!  Most of the time, no.  I turned down a pecan pie from the store today after seeing a 600 calorie PER SERVING number---1/8th of the rather small pie was 600 calories!!!!  I could eat half that pie without a second thought, that's 2400 calories!  No way sister!  So back on the shelf it went.

Those apples look so much better!

I hope you've had a great week!  Let me know how you're doing and how I can pray for you this week!

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  1. (I appear to have lost another comment...will try again:) Praise the Lord for His help! I "used" to like pecan pie as well! Today I gave the boys some zucchini brownie with a bit of chocolate pudding & cool whip on top. I decided a salad actually sounded BETTER to me. That, my friend, is a miracle...just one of many that the Lord has been doing in my mind...and which I am so thankful for! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    1. I still love pecan pie!! I just don't love the calories associated with it. :) And, since I can easily make my own and know the ingredients, do I really want all that corn syrup?

      Would you share your zucchini brownie recipe when you get the chance?

      Salads do actually sound better anymore. :) And it makes you think you're eating a ton because the plate/bowl is overloaded in greens, when those greens are so low in calories it isn't even funny. :) I'm looking forward to spring and fresh black seeded simpson lettuce and curled spinach straight from the garden! It is so tasty, it puts the ol' iceburg to shame. Put on top of that some home grown tomatoes, and it's yummmmmmy! I so look forward to spring!!

      Isn't God good? He will work on us if we let Him!! He's done some miracles here with me, and he's working a bit on hubby too as he's seeing the results I've been getting. It really is a mind change first--it has to be for the body to follow, or we sabotage ourselves.

      Keep up the good work! Praying for your dear sister!

  2. I'm thrilled for you! I'm sure you already feel much better. I am starting Trim Healthy Mama again this week. I lost about 25 lbs with it last year and have kept it off, but I got derailed by some tragedies and didn't get myself back on track. I too have a lot to lose. The basic premise is to keep carbs and fats separated. You can check out the Trim Healthy Mama facebook page if you want. I love the freedom to eat just about anything if I eat it the right way. Blessings to you from Harvest Lane Cottage. I pray God will bring you freedom to break every chain!

    Laura Lane

    1. I've heard of THM, and joined the group on FB and liked the page. The cost of the book is a little steep, so waiting for it to come to the library, and been told to look at Pinterest for recipe ideas. I sure get the derailed by tragedies thing, last year was one stressor after another after another, involving kids and hospitals, and it was lots of heartache, chocolate by the full bags, tears, travel, and even hyperventilation. But by the grace of God we made it through, just a bunch of pounds heavier. During that time I was eating candy corn M&M's by the entire bag, sometimes 2 bags at a time while travelling, lots of other junky stuff, and felt horrible. I didn't care.

      Thank you for your prayers! I'll keep you in mine as well! BTW congrats on the 25 gone so far. :)

  3. I think you are doing an absolutely fabulous job, thank you for sharing it with us and encouraging us all as well. I know you encourage me to try and keep going. Thank you for linking up at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings to you and yours.


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