Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge--Week 12--52 Pounds Down!

It's heading into the 12th week of my challenge!  Wow, it feels like it just started!

It's been a productive week to say the least!  This week has been full of lots of exercise, and a weigh in.  I last weighed in on November 10th, and had lost that pound I'd gained over the Halloween candy rush.  I weighed in again on this last Thursday, the 20th, and had lost 6 more pounds!


52 pounds down since September 4, 2014.

Isn't God amazing?????   I'm so thankful He's blessed me with the strength I've needed to take this off!!

This week's exercise has been much better as well!

I missed Sunday and Thursday, but did 2 miles Monday, 3 miles Tuesday and Wednesday, 3 1/2 miles Friday, and 5 miles Saturday.  These are the power walking, stretch band and small weights using miles with the Leslie Sansone dvd's.  These are nothing to sneeze at!  When I started this adventure in September, I couldn't handle 2 blocks, now I'm up to 5 miles of power walking. 

Can I get an Amen here??

This adventure has sure shown me what the Lord can do, if you put trust in Him.  It has to be Him, because I sure don't have the strength on my own to keep up what I'm doing in order to drop off 52 pounds in under 3 months. 

If you're following along, how are you doing so far? 

With the Thanksgiving holiday week rolling in, it will be a temptation week.  I already see it coming, and am planning extra exercise, and plenty of healthy options to hopefully negate the sweets we enjoy.  Also, the family that snapped the original picture that helped start this adventure is returning!  We're excited!  I expect there will be more photos, and can't wait to share one or two.   In the meantime, there's lots of cooking to do to make this get together a memorable feast.  I get to meet my husband's aunt for the first time, and see his sweet uncles and cousins after they get here from Florida. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!  If I don't get back here to post again before then, you all have a great Thanksgiving!  I continue to pray for all of you who read Sunny Patch!

Lots of hugs!!

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  1. Amen!! You are doing an amazing job and you are such an inspiration to me, thank you for this. I hope you have a blessed thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing your new photos. Blessings


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