Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge Week 11--Back to Business!

It's been an awesome week!  It's past the candy craze of Halloween and the left over candy bags, and it's time to move on to the turkey and veggies of Thanksgiving.

This week I've taken off that 1 pound I gained, and by the feel and looks of my body, probably taken off more.  My eating is back on track, and even started using the My Fitness Pal program online to keep track of food intake and exercise.  If you're trying to lose weight/size, this is a good program to plug into, either on computer or phone!  From what I'm seeing, I am averaging about 1500 to 1600 calories, and on a splurge day about 2000.  On a plan for allowing 2 pounds a week loss, I'm allowed up to 2500.  Then, throw in exercise!

Exercise this week has been ramped up a lot!  In my last entry for the weekly challenge, I had just started walking 2 miles, and it was kind of a challenge, but it was a slower pace than in the Leslie Sansone videos.  My natural pace isn't hoofing it at 12 or 15 minute miles.  This week, I walked Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, minimum of 2 miles each, with a 3 mile walk Friday, via the dvd's Leslie has out.  I have for my own the 5 Mega Miles dvd, and I borrowed a 3 mile dvd from the library, so there's plenty of walking available.  The weather outside went to the freezer, so inside has been the best option, and to tell you the truth, it's been nice.  Our home stays a bit chilly (we choose to keep the heater lower and use space heaters in rooms we use most during the day and wear layers of clothing to keep warm), so doing a 2 or more mile walk warms you up, you don't sweat quite as much, and you feel nice and warm for a while afterward.  I admit, I look funny powerwalking in the living room, doing side steps, kickbacks, front kicks, and stretch band work, but in looking like a fool it is changing my body for the good!

 When I started this adventure on September 4, I couldn't walk 2 blocks without being ready to fall over right there, with huffing and puffing and sweating and pain.  Now, I can do 3 miles and do it in 45 minutes. 

This week I've not had to use pain medicine much at all.  I'm talking naproxen and tylenol (I don't use prescriptions for that).  My knees had been giving so much pain, I had to take many many of them daily.  Since starting the 2 miles (or more) near daily, the legs are strengthening and fat is coming off, and the knees don't hurt nearly as much.  With the cold setting in, they've been stiff from arthritis, but that's not painful.  It's more like trying to move a nearly frozen'll move, just much more slowly.  I haven't had any neuropathy pain in over a month (feet).  For a long while I had chest pains that made me think of heart attack--it really stopped me in my tracks!  I haven't had those in almost 2 months, not even a glimmer of any chest pain.  My breathing is better, I don't huff and puff and feel strangulated just sitting upright, and can sing out on the hymns at church without being out of breath. 

And I look forward to the scale and to exercise!

I'm so amazed at how much has changed in 2 months.  God has been so good to me, I so don't deserve how much He's helped along the way.  It's on His strength that I keep going, especially on the days I don't want to get out of bed and turn on heaters and make the coffee and face the day bleary eyed.  He's let me see progress i never dreamed of in a short amount of time, and given me the drive to keep after it, to say no when need be (most of the time it works), and to keep on keeping on.  This is His temple, and I've neglected and abused it for many years.  He could have just said "sorry, you had your time", but He is gracious and merciful, giving me another chance.  He gives us ALL another chance, if we'll take it.

This week areas of the body started peeking out from under the fat.  Wrist bones are showing an outline.  Cheekbones.  You can actually feel some ribs.  Foot bones.  Knees are starting to emerge from layers of fat.  Pelvic bones are starting to outline, despite having plenty of fat left to remove.  Shoulders became prominent and squared.  Back muscles are showing definition. 

I've found a frugal use for clothing that is too big.  I know most folks who lose a lot of size/weight want to ditch the wardrobe fast.  I do too.  But, with winter coming on early, and a limited budget, I've found it easier to keep the clothing and use smaller clothing to layer under the larger clothing--using the smaller underneath that fit and placing the larger over top, you don't feel constricted, yet have the layers of warmth.  Who cares if folks see the body outline and shape when it's freezing outside and you have things to do!  I have pulled out my solid cotton fabric pieces that are too big in order to remake them into something else, and kept the knits and fleeces that are larger in order to do the layering.  You have to do what you have to do for your own budget and warmth needs, right?

I hope you all have had a great week!  If it hasn't been so great, take a look back at what went wrong, what you can do about it, and take control of that.  It doesn't have to define your week to come.  So what if you ate something you regret.  So what if you didn't exercise all you wanted to.  God gave us a new day, use it the best you can to glorify Him, with how you treat your body and in turn using that temple for His use!  Don't beat yourself up over setbacks.  The devil doesn't want you going forward and using what God gave you for His use.  The devil would rather you sit down and beat yourself up over the cookies, the ice cream, the lack of exercise. 

As Leslie Sansone says in many of her miles....the best time to walk is when you're doing it.  Any time! 

Many times in the past weeks I've been asked what I'm doing to lose as much size and weight as I have.  It seems like folks are looking for a magic trick to wave a wand and it all happen in an instant.  It doesn't work that way.  In my world, it was getting diabetes under control using medicines.  That was the first step, as the high blood glucose just sent everything to fat storage.  Dealing with the diabetes got the thing started, and using the meds to advantage (the first month of using Victoza was horrible with the side effects of vomiting, but those days are gone).  I still use Victoza shots, and it helps keep things regulated to where I don't want to eat makes my body use what it has to keep things under control, or else I really seek out carbs and feel like a ravenous lion.  Once the side effects quit, I had to work at it myself.  I had to deal with portion control, selecting nutritionally good foods, and preparing things that aren't fried and fattening.  I had to exercise.  It became work.  It's still the same premise--eat less than you use, limit fats and sugars, and exercise.  It's not magic, no pills or potions do the trick. 

It. is. work.

But rewarding work.

And if you're needing to lose size and weight, you CAN do it!  It may seem daunting.  It may seem like you want to give up early on, with cravings and wants and so on.  Just keep going!  Marathons are built on length, not on short sprints.  For many of us, losing size and weight is a marathon that goes on for years.  Even in the Bible, Paul talks about how our spiritual race is a marathon, not a sprint...  You don't grow into a mature Christian overnight, nor will you get your body into where it needs to be overnight! 

Keep up the good work, and keep on keeping on!!  I'm praying for you!

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  1. I'm very glad to see you have so many good things to report here Angie! God is rewarding your efforts. I feel like God is helping me as well, even though I may have many days where I missed my "goals", I can see overall, I am changing eating habits...less sugar & desserts...less seconds ( I struggle here!), more fruits & veggies on a regular basis. So it's been 2 months for me & I've lost 5 pounds. I am happy with that, as I recall during my "prayer weeks", thinking 2 pounds per month would be good. I don't exercise because truthfully, just keeping up with my shopping & housework,etc. seems to be a challenge some days. I like how you compare weight loss to a marathon instead of a sprint. I think it probably gets a little easier eventually, but it is a battle with lust that we may fight our entire lives. I'll share a few verses from Zechariah 4 that the Lord seemed to bring to mind as I was reflecting on my weight loss journey:verse 6..."not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord' & "who has despised the day of small things." ( I realize these do not specifically apply to weight loss but they do reveal some principles of the Lord that I believe could have a general application. Anyway, they encourage me in my small victories!) I hope you had a restful Sunday. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    1. Ah Cynthia, you are doing wonderfully, at your own pace. Your encouragement is amazing, and I'm thankful for your regular visits! You're right, it's a battle of lust that we fight...we lust after goodies, after more intake, more. This is when we need to keep on our knees (real or proverbial) and asking the Lord for help. Sometimes the smallest and most effective prayer is "Lord, Help me!"

      I have been sticking to Phil. 4:13, as this isn't something I could do on my own, by myself. I've tried many times, and failed miserably. Also I Cor. 10:13, as it applies well.

      I pray for you often, Cynthia, and I'm so grateful for your encouragement and conversation! You keep up the good work on your own journey, and don't be down if yours isn't the same as someone else's. I've read a couple of blogs where the writers have lost 150 or even 300 pounds--I've caught myself thinking "why haven't you done that yet??"...they look so nice and slim, and I find myself coveting that look. I get a gentle reminder that well, that sleek body may never happen, but be thankful for each little bit that *has*. God loves you no matter the size, whether you are 400 or 140,

      Lots of hugs dear friend!

  2. Angie,
    You are such an inspiration! Thank you for the update, hearing how you are sticking to your weightloss plan makes me think I can keep on keeping.

    Prayers for a great week,


    1. Thank you so much Natalie! I'm grateful to hear that! Hey, if this girl can do it, anyone can!!

      Phil. 4:13, I Cor. 10:13!!!

      Lots of hugs!!

  3. Hi, how are you going this week, haven't heard from you for a while at Darling Downs Diaries, hope all is ok. Blessings

    1. Terri--did you know it didn't hit me who you were until just now??? LOL!

      It's been busy here, with preparing for Thanksgiving next week, and making sure the houses are both ready for incoming family, and things on regular schedule are kept up as well. It seems the closer to the end of the year it is the faster time flies and the busier the schedules get!

      I just stopped in over at Darling Downs--I am so envious of your garden!!! And weather in general, but until we can afford to pack up and move way south for the winter, we'll have to stick to the cold for a few more months. I'm also going to have to print out those recipes you share and try them on the incoming family. They look amazing!

      Lots of hugs from the cold plains of Kansas!!

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey. It is a true encouragement!


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