Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge Week 10

It's nearing mid November now, and the season is definitely in high gear!  The leaves have turned pretty colors and fallen to the ground.  The majority of the flowers and tender plants have died off in the chill.  Our first snow is scheduled next weekend!

As for me, it wasn't the best of weeks, but it could have been much worse.  Evidently I partook a bit too much with the family with the snacks.  I gained 1 pound as of my weigh in today (Saturday).  But, it could have been much worse, and am thankful it was only 1 pound.

Now it's time to get back to serious work and leave the candy days behind.

I have noticed more endurance, which is awesome! I'm able to do a 2 mile walk (charted via google maps) around town in 45 minutes.  Granted Leslie Sansone's dvd walks are 15 minute miles, it isn't like that for me in the real world.  Plus there's uneven streets, gradual hills, traffic, and so on.  With this last walk, I didn't break a sweat and was able to stay conversational with breathing, so wasn't out of breath.  Afterward, I didn't need anything for pain, nor through the night or the next day.  This is a huge accomplishment!  Two months ago, I was huffing and puffing after 2 blocks.  Two miles were not an option.

Despite the gain, I'm feeling more joints emerging, more outline of a frame, and more cottage cheese.  While most folks don't like cottage cheese, I do.  My make up was mostly solid fat all the way around, lots of large lumps rather than the "cottage cheese".  As fat has left, the solid look has melted into a more cottage cheese look.  I can handle that, especially knowing that there was much more, and will be much less.  It has been nice finding outlines of muscles, of prominent bone structures that were once totally hidden under layers of fat.  It's been awesome finding longer toes rather than flesh colored peas for toes.  It's been great finding ankles instead of the never ending calf.  Finger joints and workings in the hands have come to the surface, and while still buried a little, the show the large joints that come from a German heritage.  I'm seriously built like a tank.  Knees are starting to emerge from the flab surrounding it.  Shoulders are squaring off and even showing where muscle meets bone and the v notches.  And, a waist is emerging.

This past week I've been reading "Wheat Belly".  It's been an interesting read, about the harm wheat does to the body.  I'm doing trial and error, testing some of the ideas to see where or if I fall in them.  I do notice differences if I eat store bought breads and pastas vs homemade, but not sure if that's preservatives or wheat.  I've cut almost all bread, pastas, crackers, and so on out, so it shouldn't be hard to reintroduce and see what the results are.  I am not one to go all out on a radical tangent--I don't jump on the no-GMO bandwagon, nor the organic wagon, or the other things that are out there.  I more or less stick to what's affordable for my family on a very limited budget. 

As for the book, I would recommend at least reading it and see what you think.  As with all reading, take what works, put to the side what doesn't.  There's some good ideas in it, and some that may not be workable in our limited budget and the abundance of products with wheat.  But, I can work our breads from wheat to rye without batting an eye.  Pizza crust is not biggie, if I make it myself--again, rye works.  Once we get into things that aren't made from scratch, it isn't quite so easy....wheat is in most everything at some place, just like corn is just about everything.

The goal for the upcoming week is more intentional exercise.  I got sidetracked very easily the past couple of weeks, and didn't get much in.  It showed.  Yes, housekeeping is exercise, but not enough to burn off the amount I'm working on.

How have you been doing this week?

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  1. Weight gain during weight loss can be quite disappointing although it is self imposed most of the time. Congratulations with your effort so far and I pray that you can keep on going with strength. I find it difficult when you have been on a diet for a few weeks and you just seem to crave different food and then you plateau, that is the hardest. thanks for sharing your journey, it is an inspiration to me. Blessings.

    1. Yes it is, and it is totally my fault, no bones about it. So I worked and in 2 days burned off that added pound and am now at peace about it. :) It's amazing what 1 single stupid pound can do to your emotional balance!! thank you for your prayers!! I appreciate everyone who prays along the way, and i continue to pray for everyone who reads along, whether I know names or not. You're right on the plateau part! My craving has changed from mostly veggies and fruits to meat--protein. I've even looked at cows and drooled thinking mmmm....steak...(keep in mind we live in a rural area and cows are plentiful within a half mile of town). So to curb the craving, it's rotisserie chicken, peel the skin off, chow down with a little bbq sauce, boil the bones to make the next batch of soup.

      Thank you also for your encouragement! I appreciate everyone who comments, the encouragement is awesome!

  2. Mmm its such a pity we need to peel the skin off the chicken!!! Thanks for sharing this at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

    1. Well, a good fried chicken doesn't need to be peeled! :)

      MMMMMmmmm fried chicken.....


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