Sunday, November 9, 2014

Good Morning!

Good morning from Kansas!  It's a chilly morning, with light frost on the grass and a little bite in the wind.  But, since it's November, that's to be expected.

This morning, sausage and gravy sits on the stove, warm and ready for the family to come downstairs.  Scrambled eggs sit on the burner waiting for each member to choose what they want on them (cheese, salsa, nothing, etc).  The coffee pot is full of dark roast and espresso blend coffee, and the tea pot is still hot from it's first use of the day making cranberry vanilla herbal tea.

It is Sunday.  The pace isn't as fast, but still a bit to do before going to church.  Should middle child (with autism, mental retardation, and bi polar disorder) do another refusal to go , I will stay home with him.  If we all get to go, I'm looking forward to the bible study during Sunday School, and the sermon series through Genesis in the main service. 

It's a new week, and a new opportunity to focus on what is important in our world.  For me, it's getting eating and exercise back on track.  No more candy and junk.  More walking, more hand weights, more resistance band.  For the family, it is looking forward to half days at school, a whole day off for one child, and an upcoming weekend visiting noncustodials parents.  We are also preparing bit by bit for Thanksgiving week, with house preparations, cleaning, and so on. 

How does your Sunday go?

Have a good day everyone!

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  1. Hi Angie, I hope you got to go to church. Our sermon was all about forgiveness & how important it is to forgive others & how that is a huge component in whether God forgives our sins or not! My 13 yr. old son has had some problems with not wanting to attend church & sometimes unacceptable behaviors while at church. So now, if he attends & behaves, he gets rewarded with a few hours of video games. If not, no games for the rest of the day (or even longer for anything extreme). It works well for us now, but I think he's basically improved with maturing, as well. Children are challenging...I will pray things improve for your middle son & also for strength for you to get back on track with your eating plan. Great that you've been able to enjoy walking while it's been so nice! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    1. Thank you! I got to go today, and all 3 kids behaved and earned a reward.

      All 3 kids have autism spectrum disorders, and there's some days they decide to take turns as to who is going to act out and demand the most attention. Oldest has asperger's and adhd, middle has autism/MR/bi polar disorder, and youngest has asperger's and adhd like her biological brother. Middle one has had problems with not wanting to go to church since last summer when things went sour at his dad's house. His dad does not attend church and is rather hostile to anything relating to Christ. I've had him in church most of the time (on the weekends I have him home--alternating weekends and Wednesdays) since he was 3. In the past year he's been much more unwilling to go, to the point he'd get so violent I had to call for help on the highway as he'd literally pull your hair and bang your head off the car's seat, scratch, bite, kick, and do this while you're driving. He was put into acute care a few times due to this heavy duty aggression. Once we got to the bottom of the mess, it helped a lot. Lately, with the weather changing back to darker earlier, it seemed like it was starting up again, with him refusing to go on Sundays and Wednesdays. I started grounding him from everything during the time everyone else was gone to church. His life comes to a halt at that time. He shuts down, boo hoos, and then apologizes and asks to do a devotion with me. He doesn't like losing everything from radio/tv/computer/toys/mp3 player while everyone is gone, so that is a deterrant. Also he gets points for activities, and when he reaches 500 he gets a reward, usually 3 dollars per reward. Those add up when he goes to church as I give 100 points for church each time he goes. When everyone goes and has a good day, they are rewarded with ice cream cones at Sonic when finances allow, or an ice cream treat at home with homemade toppings (which they like too). Then they're allowed computer time. We don't have video games so we use the computer in limited time for reward.

      It is challenging to say the least, and all 3 kids are close in age--13, 12, and 10, and in the upcoming winter months it turns to 13, 13, and 11.

      Thank you for your prayers!

      Our Sunday School was on David and the things that led him to sin. We're going through the Kingdom period of the Old Testament in an outline of Creation/Hebrew Fathers/Exodus/Promised Land/Judges/Kingdom Period/Exile/Restoration/Christ Coming/Great Commission. In morning service, we went through Jacob's prophecy on his sons just before he died.


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