Monday, October 27, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge Week 8--Small Discoveries

Praise God through whom all blessings flow!

Ever start your morning out thinking or saying that?  If not, why?

It's early morning here, and I'm cross eyed and half asleep, but middle child believes I must be awake early even on the weekend, so here I am.  I'm working hard to keep a good perspective and my eyes open.
So, it's 8 weeks into my weight loss challenge.  I admit it, I probably would have quit by now if I haven't been posting weekly and having some accountability.  Some days are hard.  Some days I want to eat everything in sight.

The other reason for not giving up is the healthy side.  I feel better.  I have more endurance.  My hefty self fits into the smaller restroom stalls, the "normal" seats in waiting rooms, fit better in the seat of my own car without rubbing the steering wheel, and so on.

This week I've been worn out and not feeling so snazzy.  I discovered a lump in my abdomen between two old laparoscopic incisions (for gallbladder about 12 years ago), and had no idea it was there until the fat had started disappearing and saw it while doing a crunch.  I freaked out, had hubby look at this ridge in the middle.  He's a nurse, surely he'd have an idea.  He suggests possible hernia. This isn't surprising knowing how much I life heavy weights, all the way back to working on the farm and lifting feed sacks like they were nothing and tossing straw bales with little issue.  Then, throw in lots of lifting weights, working in nursing as a CNA for years lifting on people, moving heavy furniture on my own, and being the go to person for heavy lifting as hubby is not able shouldn't be surprising.  I don't have an "official" diagnosis, as I don't have the funds (cash patient here) to visit the clinic I go to.  I'm able to push the lump back down, which in itself feels weird, and may have to go make a visit sooner than later to check on it.

Overall, the fat has been slowly melting.  It's not near as fast as the first month, but as far as I'm concerned, it's still a step forward.  I've been told to go slowly instead of trying to lose it all in a day.  I've noticed a little more off the knees, a little less on the arms, a little less on the "apron" of belly fat, a little off the hips, and my feet have gotten smaller than my shoes, leaving the shoes a size larger than needed.  That's a good thing, as it means shoe shopping soon!!  Yay!

For the week, I've lost another 1/4 inch off the waist, 1 inch off the hips, and another 1/2 inch off the chest.  I'm thankful, as it's in the right direction, even if it is a little slower than it has been.  Every little bit counts!

God has been good, and I'm very thankful for what He's done for me along the way.  Like with the lump, I had no idea it was there until the fat started going away and I started doing floor exercises to tone.  It's been hiding underneath my own fat for who knows how long!  God has taken care of so much for me, for my family, I'm so blessed to be a child of His.

Exercise has been more fun this week, with an average of a mile or so each time I take the beagle walking.  He enjoys it, and we're walking a new route every chance I get.  He is an upper body workout keeping him in line--he puts it in 4 paw drive and tries to drag me to the first trees and fire hydrant he can get to.  He enjoys walking on the east side of town, where the vet is--he has no bad experiences at the vet and can smell all the animals that have come and gone there--he wants to go mark the vet as "his".  I've enjoyed walking as well, and seeing all the trees and foliage turning from green to various shades of red, orange, and yellows.  It really is pretty seeing the old trees turning with the season.  I'm finding other walkers out and about around the same time we're hoofing it as well, which is nice. :)

I hope you all who are joining in on my "challenge" are doing well.  I have to say this has been the best thing I've done in a long while, even if it means putting my sin, my weight, out there for the world to see.  I'm thankful for that one picture from the summer that started it all.

Here's a question for you all for this week:  what is your favorite way to exercise?

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  1. I think you are doing a fantastic job, and I can relate to you with how hard it is. I think it is great you are posting about it, accountability really helps. I pray that God will give you the perserverence to keep going. I would love to know (if you wanted to share) what you are eating. Thanks for being so honest and open. I really appreciate it. Blessings Terri

    1. thank you! :)

      The new habits are hard to form, and the detox off the sugar and starches was absolutely horrendous. But worth it.

      What am I eating? Basically whole grains, like old fashioned oats, whole wheat (like making my own bread), rye; fresh fruits--especially apples and pears since they're in season. Fresh veggies when they're on sale, mostly carrots and celery, and leftovers from the garden, lots of frozen ones made into soup form with chicken bone broth (homemade), tomatoes. Beans (dried and prepared per package with a dab of bbq sauce or something for flavor). Meats in moderation, like as a flavor rather than the main meal. Like a piece of baked chicken shredded up and put into soup or inside a small baked potato, a can of tuna drained and made into a meal, a very small portion of beef if available, etc. Pastas and rice by the package serving size. Fats in low amount like a drizzle of olive oil or serving size worth of butter, using the "good" fats that aren't shortenings or anything. Basically most of the things I've been preparing for us has a momma or was grown and picked. And portion control has been a biggie. And lots of homemade soups to fill up on. And herbal teas one cup at a time. And water. I've all but cut out sodas, that was extremely hard going from a full sugared cherry coke addict to sugar free, to now not wanting any of it.

      Don't get me wrong, I snack, love the cookies and doritos with the family as a treat, but it's not eat the whole bag thing anymore. I really watch the serving/cals on the packages and weigh it--is 250 cals for 3 cookies really worth it? And can I stop after 11 yummy tasting doritos?

    2. Keep going Angie, you are doing great! I like how you said you weigh something, like is 250 cal. for 3 cookies really worth it? The toughest thing I have been dealing with this week has been family snacking at night. We are huge Royals Fans at our house and with each game, the kids and hubby want to know whats for snack at gametime. Last week I lost 2 pounds. I still have about 25 or so to go. Slow and steady I guess. God is good. Praying for you and that the lump you found turns out not to be a big deal.
      Thank you Angie for posting your experience. You have been a blessing and I think if you can do it, so can I!

      Have a blessed week,

    3. Thank you! Hey, 2 pounds a week isn't anything to sneeze at either! It really is tough when the family is snacking and watching tv--how hard it is it to not want to join in?

      Hubby is a major Royals fan (hey, we're in Kansas! LOL) So he's been keeping up with them. This is a time when I'm grateful we don't allow food in the living room (mostly for keeping the carpets from getting ruined--we rent), or else we'd have food in there planted on the couch and eating like no tomorrow. I know us well. For snacks lately, we've worked on big pots of popcorn from the stir popper, fresh fruits (on sale and in season--like apples for around 50 cents a pound if you buy the big bags, pears for 70 cents or so a pound, etc), cookies for the munchkins, and whatever else is in the fridge. I've been hitting the fruits and cup of hot tea at night, and some carrots--the crunchy thing is what I'm really wanting. It works. I have to stop myself around 8:30 or 9, or else I'd eat all the way til bed time. I'm not hungry, but just want the chewing thing, if that makes sense. If that doesn't work for you, maybe try seeds--like sunflower or pumpkin or something? They take forever to chew, and you get good fats out of it in the process. :)

      You're right--slow and steady! Any progress in the right direction is still progress!

      Thank you for your kind words! They mean a lot. :)

  2. God is giving you the strength to hang in there! I'm going steady now, with only about a one pound loss per week (except for the first three weeks when I yo-yoed & didn't lose any, but kept praying!) The amazing thing is that my mind is so confident (in God) that I know I can do this for ten months or longer or even the rest of my life. 1500 calories is enough food for me. I found some microwave packets of "skinny girl" popcorn, lime flavored, with 150 calories. This has been such a treat for me! I have been getting wood & coal stockpiled to burn for the winter & painting here & there. My favorite exercise is to simply work, because I get satisfaction from doing something productive. Feeding two teen age boys & maintaining the house & a large yard keeps me busy enough. I find brushing & flossing my teeth right after supper helps me not eat before bedtime...I do NOT like to brush my teeth twice! LOL Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia


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