Monday, October 27, 2014

Being Radical by Simply Believing the Bible

It seems like most places I see online have something to do with "extreme" or "radical", especially when it comes to Christianity.  It usually is pictured with some guy in a spiked hair do and a T shirt from the latest "Christian rock" band telling folks to be radical by going to some remote place in the world that you can't pronounce to tell them about Jesus.  Or, the picture is a younger lady dressed like she came from the local rock concert and blended in fine, with her hands in the air in mid sway.

You don't have to go to a country you can't pronounce and do a short term mission, or wear your tight hip hugging jeans and mid drift showing top with all kinds of hemp bracelets and hold your arms up while swaying in order to be "radical".

In the world around us, simply believing God at His Word is "radical".  Simply standing on the firm foundation of the Bible is more radical than most folks are willing to do.

Our world wants Christians to compromise His Word by allowing homosexuality into the church openly, accepting "gay" marriage, by telling Christians that Jesus doesn't belong outside the church, and in one city the mayor demanding to know anything that was said inside the church (without going there herself).  Small business owners who stand on the Bible for foundation are forced to go against their convictions or lose their business and face hefty fines.  Christians must take insurance that makes them pay for abortions.  Christians are mocked for believing on and in Jesus, with our own government people saying rights of Christians are less than those who commit sodomy.   Others face death (Voice of the Martyrs anyone??), are forced from their homes and away from their families for choosing Christ first.

What's more radical than simply standing on the Bible?  What's more radical than standing on what the Bible says about the sins of sodomy, murder, theft, coveting, and so on?  It takes a "radical" to keep standing in the face of what this world throws at Christians who stand by the Bible and don't bow to pressures of government, media, peers, the world.

What's more radical that a woman staying at home and being a Christian wife and mom in the midst of a feminism-laced society that scorns her for tending to home and family and husband's needs?  What's more radical than a woman who dresses to please the Lord rather than wear the skin showing trends of the day and try to imitate magazine photo-shopped photos?  What isn't radical about a man who takes care of his family, stays with one woman for life, raises his kids to be good upstanding citizens who have a heart for the Lord?

Years ago, the above things were expected of us.  Now, they are "radical" and "extreme".

Funny, a "radical" Muslim is one who stands by the fundamentals of their faith.  Why should we be any different?

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