Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Are You Drinking Enough

Hydration is very important, whether on a mission for weight loss or not.  Our bodies need hydration for normal bodily actions to work.

I tend to find it harder to keep a glass of water or whatever close at hand.  We only allow drinks in the dining room, and honestly, I'm all over the house and not often in the dining room.  So, I must pit stop in there to get a drink and go about my tasks.

Ideas for keeping liquids with minimal calories:  herbal teas (with honey or artificial sweeteners if you lean toward the sweet), bottled water, tap water, juices cut in half with water, skim milk, water with lemon/lime/orange slices or mint sprigs, broth, etc.  I'm sure there's others I'm missing.

A way to keep a liquid with you--reuse water bottles, Powerade/Gatorade bottles, or splurge on a handled Mason jar with lid and straw, or one of the many other plastic containers out there that are perfect for keeping a nice drink at hand.

I prefer the herbal tea route.  Our city water tastes rather funky on it's best day, at least to me anyway, so it's not my go to choice.  But, tea with some sweetening is my favorite.  Right now I'm in the orange spice kick.  It has that "fall" flavor that I like. It's a nice treat when hot and steaming, or cold and iced, so it makes a nice luxury treat.

Are you keeping hydrated?  What do you prefer to sip on through the day?

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  1. Hi Angie, It's refreshing to pop over here & think about a hot cup of tea that I will plan to have later. I added veggies to a package of tuna helper someone gave me, in the crock pot for the boys. I had a little with even more veggies for lunch...delicious! But my favorite thought is JOY UNSPEAKABLE & FULL OF GLORY. God in indescribably good! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  2. Hi Angie, I came over to say that I am on a weight loss journey myself. I have written a post at and I have also created a page to record my daily progress. Come on over and check it out. Don't forget to link up some of your great posts again. I have a new link up party going on.
    Ok, I'm going to go drink a glass of water now!
    God bless.


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