Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What a Joy!

What a joy it has been to read the kind comments coming in!  I wasn't sure how my "confession" would go over, as it's not exactly "cool" to come out and admit when one is sinning as such.

And I've found I'm not alone.

Thank you all who have responded so far!  You are a blessing, and a real encouragement.  I hope that the journey will be of encouragement to you and anyone else who reads it.  This isn't a short term thing, as it took 15 years to put it on, it'll take a few days to take it off.  It's more than just watching what goes in the's a change in heart, attitude, and direction.  It's repentance for a sin that is just as bad as others, according to scripture.  It's turning around and walking away from the temptations that the devil lays out for us, as he knows our vulnerabilities.

It's trusting in the Lord to handle the areas of our lives that stress us the most, that tends to lead into overeating, eating without hunger, using poor choices in foods, and not moving around to keep the body in shape.

In the end, it's giving this area of life over to Him.

You're welcome to join along, by blog or Facebook (see right hand side of page), or both.  I'd like to develop this out and see what all resources one can find and share that would be beneficial to us who need to take off 30 or more pounds.  Yes, mine is a lot more than 30, but 30 is still a good size number.

Again, thank you all who have responded!

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