Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge --Week 3

It's now 3 weeks in, and I will admit it--it's been rough.  It's been 3 weeks of changing habits, learning to use less, and teaching the body new ways of doing things.  The body has not been a happy camper.

Where I was before:

This week has been a good one overall despite the body resisting efforts.  This week has been the beginning of walking outside again.  This summer, I had a hard time walking 2 to 3 blocks.  I just couldn't handle it.  This week I walked one day 14 blocks, another day 20 blocks, with our hefty beagle in tow.  He gave out before I did.  At first he was pulling me along in 4 wheel drive, but at the end I had to encourage him to make it back home as he wanted to poop out a block from home.  Along the way we got to make some little yipper snappers (little bitty house dogs) unhappy and caused lots of commotion, so that made the day complete.  (grins)  I also started doing more floor type exercises to help tone as fat leaves.  I've discovered more flexibility than I had before as well, which is nice.

I haven't made it to the clinic to weigh in this week, due to scheduling constraints.  In the meantime, I've found that it is a lot easier to climb the stairs to the top floor of the house.  The stairs and I don't groan near as much.  I can make it across our house faster, from the back end to the front, when the phone rings, and don't have to let it go to voicemail as often.  Before, I would make it hopefully by the 4th ring, but seldom, now I am at the 3rd ring most of the time.  Hey, I'll take any improvement.  I'm walking a bit faster, feeling a bit lighter.   The aches and pains are mostly gone, from shoulders to ankles and pit stops in between.  Whether these were caused by too high of glucose or from weight I don't know, but either way they are greatly diminished.

This week I also measured around with measuring tape from my sewing box.  In comparison to the last clothing I purchased, and according to the company's measurement lists, I have dropped 2 sizes from the top, and 1 from the bottom.  The bottom is rather stubborn!  I call my shape a bell bottom butt (aka pear).  In my original picture found at the beginning of this challenge, I was at a 4x top (that shirt in the picture is a 3x mens) and a 5x bottom.  Now, I am at a 2x women's top and 4x bottom.

Prayer and encouragement has been a bigger issue this week.  I've needed it a bit to keep going.  As mentioned in last week's challenge update, I started on Victoza, which is a medication that helps with diabetes.  It is an injection taken daily.  While it works internally on the pancreas and such to help with producing insulin naturally, it has the side effect of acting like a gastric bypass without the surgery.  Food intake is suddenly greatly limited, and things high in sugar, fats, etc come back to
visually haunt rather quickly.  As a gastric bypass limits your food intake to about a cup of food at a serving/meal, so does Victoza.  Things I've loved for years are nibbled or non-existent.  Chocolate is a no go, not for lack of want, but for the reaction it causes.  Even a small snack size piece.  I've avoided the ice cream cones that we give the kids after church on Sundays and Wednesdays, as much as I love ice cream, as I don't want the after effects.  Instead, I've sipped on Sprite, teas, and morning coffees, and water.  I prayed the first day of the challenge for God to help me with gluttony, to help me fight the temptation to shove anything sweet, chocolate, or just overall bad for me into my mouth, and I keep praying each day for help in fighting temptation.  It's not as much of a temptation anymore when the things you've loved to pig out on cause a reaction that isn't too appealing.  I've instead been pointed toward more veggie soups, broths, small protein amounts, and so on, which are filling in small amounts, and the body does not reject.

Despite the rougher time with changing amounts and testing what I can and can't have, I keep praising the Lord for allowing me to change.  I don't have to deny myself anything--I can have whatever, it just may not stay long, so it's a matter of "I don't want this anymore" instead of "I will deny myself this today", which makes me want it more.  He allows me to see results of the last 3 weeks, which encourages me to keep going on.

To God be the glory, great things He has done!  He has worked on the heart, and working on the outside as well!

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  1. Great job with the walking! Prayers for a strong week 4!

  2. Asking God to bless you on this journey....just know I will be cheering you on with love, my precious friend.

    1. Thank you dear friend! It means a lot to me knowing you're in the cheering section! Lots of hugs and chocolate!!

  3. Good for you... I hope you start feeling great as your body becomes healthier. :)

  4. I am encouraged to read about all your "little" improvements & rewards! It's so important to focus on the good things! I had 5 wonderful, successful, uplifting days. Day 6 was a battle! My thoughts were sad, discouraging, & I had so much temptation to make myself "feel better" with sweets. (I didn't give in, though!) Today, day 7, I have my mind fixed on God's marvelous vast mercies & grace, new every a.m. This is a journey, but He is with me every step of the way. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    1. Cynthia, thank you for your encouragement! You sound like you are doing very well yourself! Don't be sad, dear friend, or discouraged. God is on the throne and in control whatever situation comes upon us. He is with you each and every moment! Keep up the great work Cynthia!

  5. Yehhh for you Angie ! Praying for you to continue this week:). I'm trying to get in more exercise and drinking more water!
    God Bless You

  6. Awesome job! Keep up the good work!
    I'll be praying for you as you continue you're journey. You've made incredible progress already and I know that you can continue!


    1. thank you very much! I appreciate any and all prayers--I think some days that's the only thing keeping me from a major pig out and stopping everything. Thank you much for your prayers and encouragement! :)

  7. This is inspiring Cynthia! Your honesty and glorifying of God in this process is challenging and uplifting to me… Thank you! Am praying for more great results for you this week!

  8. Am so glad to have found your site. I just came over from Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth. It sounds like you are doing very well. It is encouraging to hear how you are doing it. I must lose more than 50 lbs in order to have knee replacement surgery, and need to get strict with my diet. I took Victoza in the past, but cannot take it anymore because I developed pancreatitis while on it. Thankfully I haven't had any bouts of pancreatitis since stopping it.

    It's very difficult to exercise with arthritic knees, but I do work in my flower garden and this year started doing some container vegetable gardening.

    The knee surgeon referred me to a weight loss surgery surgeon recommending to me that have weight loss surgery to lose enough weight to be considered for knee replacement surgery. At this point, I am not open to weight loss surgery. So I will be doing some very serious food intake control. It is difficult and takes a lot of willpower for me. Am adding a lot more cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots and taking away junk food snacks.

    I look forward to seeing your progress along this journey. I'll be popping back by again soon.

    1. Ah, I'm glad you found Sunny Patch! I understand the knee thing well, 10 years ago I had the meniscus surgery after a workman's comp thing, and was told in 10 years I'd need a replacement. Through the winter, I really really thought I'd need it, it hurt so much, and all the years of working in medical and corrections didn't help it, plus all the pounds of fat on it.

      The victoza has been a struggle but so far no issues with pancreas. I'm grateful believe me! I've been diagnosed for 4 or so years and have done insulin and then been able to get off of it, and was heading back to it if I didn't try this again. I've done Victoza before, but couldn't last past the first couple of weeks. Those were very hard, but this time around I've been determined this is going to work if it kills me. And the side effect being the weight loss is even better. In the meantime I still have to learn better habits and portion control and nutrition and such in order to make this last after I'm allowed off the shots. That is also important.

      I've been told too to try weight loss surgery. No insurance tho, so it's not even remotely possible. I've heard that it can make diabetes go away for some folks. I'd just like a chisel and be able to chisel off areas and contour them to a "normal" size...that'd be really neat to be able to do (only in my dreams lol).

      Food wise, I still eat mostly whatever I want, just much less of it. Homemade buttermilk sourdough bread, veggie soups from scratch, had fried chicken last night (small piece but it was homemade and gooooooood even for my frying--the kids even had seconds on it which never happens!). I still enjoy a sip of Cherry Coke from time to time, and sweet tea from McD's if I'm over in town and running errands. Those are my "rewards". Most of the time, it's water, tea with splenda, milk.

      I've given up on will power. That puts all the hard stuff on me. Instead I keep praying, "Lord help me fight this temptation". He is faithful!

      Keep your eyes up and keep on going! You can do it!

  9. I'm pulling for you!!!! I know it's hard. I did good ONE day this week..grrrrr! Peel and freeze a banana then blend it up for an ice cream like treat. Remember that verse about the Lord satisfying you as with the richest of foods. I will pray for you.
    God bless
    So Much at Home

  10. You are doing so good! Sounds like a LOT of progress is being made!!! We are rooting for you! You will feel so much better and am surprised at how quickly you are seeing improvement! Thank you for sharing at the Art of Home-Making Mondays. I know this will encourage others who share the same struggles...


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