Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 2 of Weight Loss Challenge

This has been a good week.  Of course, the first week is the most trying as well.

When I started this challenge, I was at 401 (or more) pounds, according to the physician's scale.

Saturday, 9/13, I weighed in at 378 pounds.

401 - 378 = 23 pounds.

I'm sure a lot is the "water" weight, which is normal for starting any program.

What also helped in so much to go away the first week?

Lots of prayer first and foremost, asking the Lord for strength to fight temptations and hunger pangs.


Getting my diabetes under control.  Seriously!  I restarted the Victoza shot, which makes a significant difference in how one eats.  It isn't insulin, but helps push the body to make more of it's own insulin.  It also has the side effect of suppressing appetite, and if you indulge in much more than a piece of fruit or an ounce of meat, you are sick.

In essence it's a gastric bypass in a shot.

So it's been lots of drinking teas (with no calorie sweeteners) and water, eating fruits and partial sandwiches as the medicine allows.  For exercise, lots of housework, breaking sweats doing multiple rooms of mopping and vacuum duties, dusting, baseboard wiping, door frame washing, loads of laundry, dishes by hand, climbing up and down the stairs to the second floor's bedrooms, and so on.  There's also a dog to walk, a yard to mow, and walking around town for exercise.  Unfortunately, we do not have a gym or YMCA in town to walk to.

In my years of trying to lose weight, this is the most I've dropped in a short amount of time.  But, that is an encouragement as well, as it is 10% of my goal.  I can see bodily differences, and am fitting back into my cape dresses better, and have to start taking in the ones I'd made a little larger to fit the expanding body.  My skirts are fitting looser, and will have to be readjusted with elastics and taking in seams.  I can handle this!

The biggest difference that I've found so far--I feel so much better physically!  I can move around without feeling like there's lead weights attached to my legs.  Arthritis, while still present, doesn't hurt near as much in knees and ankles.  The early morning aches and pains haven't been aching and paining.  I have more energy to do what I need to do throughout the day without a rest every half hour.  I did an 8 hour canning session Friday with no breaks until the 7th hour.  It feels wonderful to not have that "dragging" feeling!

I'm hoping to have hubby do monthly photos to have something to show the progress.  My first photo shows the start point at over 400 pounds.

I never dreamed I'd ever be that big, but then, who does?  When you're used to being fat, it is nothing for extra pounds to sneak up on you and you not realize it until you're so big a normal scale won't handle you, or you hurt walking, or you can't fit into normal movie theater seats or waiting room chairs.  It's embarrassing as well, in a world of smaller people, to be the heavy one.

It is through this challenge to  keep accountable and lose the size/weight that is needed for a healthy body.  To keep the diabetes from taking over every aspect of life, to be able to lead a normal life and be around for my kids and potential grandkids.  I want to enjoy outdoor activities again, walking trails, fishing, swimming, etc, that is hard to do when carrying so much extra weight.

And with the Lord's help, strength, and encouragement, I will.

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  1. Yayyy! Good job! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  2. Keep going!! You can do it! My brother lost 100 pounds last year - you can do it too!

    Visiting from the So much at home blog hop!


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