Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How Do You Start Your Morning?

How do you start your morning?

Do you hide under the covers and pretend it's not time to get going?  Do you bound out of bed and hit the floor running?

I'm a morning person 99% of the time.  I thrive on early mornings and am usually ready  for bed by 10 to 11pm.  This could be from the years living out on the farm, with early mornings, early bus arrival for school, and extra time for getting ready especially during months with chopping ice and vehicle prep.

Now, I'm the first one up most of the time.  Our middle child is known to beat the alarm at times, and I lovingly call him my "Bubba Alarm".  It is a quiet time until the rest of the family wake up, if it's just me.  I put on a pot of coffee (dark roast or Cafe Bustelo espresso), tend to the cats' needs before they trip me, and pray about the day's needs.  Soon, I'll be getting up a tad earlier to make sure the house is fairly warm for the family, as the nights will grow cooler.

While the family one by one awakes, I sit and read the news from overnight, usually Drudge or Fox, and watch the Bible come to life in the headlines.  I tend to their needs as they arise, and we get our morning routine under way.  Each child dresses, takes their meds, brushes teeth, makes their bed, and prepares for school or appointments,  and hubby and I indulge in hot cups of coffee with homemade creamers for flavoring.  It is far from quiet, and activity abounds once everyone is up.

These first hours of morning are the most important.  It shapes our day, how we will look at the rest of the day.  A bad start more often than not leads to a poor attitude and a "woe is me" type day.  A good start helps to have a positive outlook for the day ahead.  Praying first thing in the morning, reading your bible if at all possible (which when there's children at home isn't always possible until the quiet later in the day), makes a difference in your day.  You fuel up with thoughts of Him.  You talk with Him, and He can talk to you, with verses brought to mind, a hymn that sings in your heart, a gentle peace.

How do you start your mornings?

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