Monday, September 8, 2014

Changing The Pace

It's now into the early days of September, and the seasonal changes are fast upon us.

Shorter are the days, with darkness coming upon us much quicker in the evening and staying with us a tad longer in the mornings.  The temperatures are slowly cooling and becoming more bearable as summer winds down.  Some north of us (way north) have already had snow and freezing temperatures.

Our trees are slowly changing from greens to yellows and reds, with our yard filling with a multitude of shedded leaves.  Dew now covers the yard in the mornings where earlier it'd mostly evaporated or been nonexistent during the heat of summer.  Crops are preparing for the end of the growing season, with corn dried and ready to take to the bin and beans just starting to turn from green to the pretty yellows and reds, creating a beautifully painted field.  Other grains are at a head and nearly ready for bringing in to store.

The pace here has changed as well.  Gone are the days of rushing to the pool, the library, outdoor activities that took us all over the local area.  Soon, the cold will remove the soccer and basketball outside at the public courts, replacing them with high school football.  The pool no longer operates until the next season at Memorial Day.  The library has changed hours to reflect a less number of patrons during the days while school is in session.

There is a sense of preparation in the air.  Some are starting to work on roofing projects, others with wrapping windows and sealing around basements inside and out.  Others are working on fall gardens and removing growth from the summer crop that has stopped producing.  Vehicle preparations are under way, and slowly the gathering of winter necessities has started.

Here in our home, we are preparing for the coming chill with bringing out the blankets and comforts put away in the spring.  Soon, winter clothing will find the light of day again, with some handing down to others as the children grow through the year.  The fall cleaning has started, dusting out corners and eaves inside, washing doors and baseboards again, trying to stretch to reach the tops of shelving that were not designed for short fat folks, and bringing in more scents that are reminiscent of fall--pumpkin pies, apples, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and so on.

My own change of pace has taken me to sitting quietly in the evenings, with my family, and stitching by hand on quilts.  Each stitch helps hold the quilt sandwich together, that will keep the recipient warm as the temperatures dive.  These are not perfect pieces by a long shot, but made with love.  This allows me to be thrifty, using scraps and pieces of clothing handed down from my own parents, things my stepdaughter has outgrown, and things of my own that no longer suit my needs, with only a sheet needing purchased for a backing.  Inside, fleece from my stash works to warm the person underneath, including me as I work on each quilt.  I've near completed a string block quilt to give at Christmas, and will soon start a new string quilt in one of the boys' favorite colors.  My goal is to make a quilt for each child before winter is over.

I've also started working on winter wardrobes on the sewing machine.  For me, that means more dresses with a little more room for layering underneath.  We keep our house heaters at 68, and it usually stays a few degrees below that, so layering is a must.  So, myself and stepdaughter need to have plenty of layers to put under our dresses and skirts, for working inside the home and outside--we all enjoy a snow ball fight or running around with the beagle no matter how cold.  The boys enjoy new pajamas in their favorite themes, from ninja turtles to Nascar, so I sew up some pairs of those as well.  I hope to learn how to make more warm items as time and funds allow.

What are you doing to prepare for the coming season?  Has your pace changed with the calendar and cooling?

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your preparations and projects. We also do a fall cleaning (some of which is what doesn't get done in the spring!)... And lots of layers under those skirts is a must! I use leggings and wool socks and always a goose-down vest which keeps us fairly warm during the winter without hindering the hands for working. May you have a lovely week!

    1. Amen on the layers! Last winter, even with being in southern Kansas, we wore lots of layers inside the house and out. I kept sweats on under dresses and skirts, cardigans over top, sweatshirts, and so on, and at night shorts under pajamas and double layers of socks. This was much like when I was growing up, with the old Morning Glory stove back then where layers were essential in northern Missouri during the winter. I keep a stock pot on the stove in winter, simmering cinnamon sticks and nutmeg and cloves, which keeps the kitchen and back rooms warmer and smells so nice throughout the house. And baking...lots of baking...I gift a lot of breads and goodies in the winter months!


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