Saturday, August 9, 2014

Taking a Stand When It's Not Popular

Do you believe in and stand with a position that is not popular in today's world?

If you're a Bible believing Christian, you most definitely do!

Today's society stands against so much of what the Bible says is good and right in the eyes of the Lord.  Our world thumbs its collective nose at God's Word, and those who believe and follow God's Word.

Lately, it seems if a Christian opposes, either by witness or deed, a certain agenda, they lose their livelihood (job) and face a judge.  On the other side of the world, Christians are being hacked to death and their heads hung on spikes in the name of Allah.  In our own country, we as Christians are prosecuted for turning down a customer of our choosing when it comes to following faith or popular opinion.  We are told we cannot pray in public (but many of us do anyway).  We are told we cannot have a Bible in public as it might offend someone.

Christ in His Word told us these days would come, and would get worse before He returns for His Bride.  When we start to see these happenings unfold we are to look up for Him.

During our time remaining here, we as Christians are at a point where we must choose--do we stand on the Bible's Word, what God says about different issues that are so prominent in our world and how we are to live and behave, or do we follow the wind direction of the day?  That choice is yours individually, one you must make on your own.  We are each accountable to Jesus and how we lived our lives, and if we are ashamed of Him, He says in Scripture that He will be ashamed of us, if we deny Him, He will deny us.

There's nothing this side of heaven worth Jesus denying me to my Father.

Yes, the days will get harder, the winds have turned against Christians and continues to blow harder...but continue reading the Bible--in the end, Jesus reigns as King of King and Lord of Lords!

Keep looking up--Jesus is coming!

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