Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Seasons of Change

It is now August, and soon summer will slide into fall.  The marigolds in bright and blazing oranges and yellows are in full bloom, sunflowers are bending over under the weight of their seeds, and soon the fall mums will be in full glory.

Fall is a beautiful time here in southern Kansas.  The winds are not too chilly and the temperatures remain stable and warm for most of the season.  In our rural area, it's a regular sight to see haystacks decorated as a jack-o-lantern, scarecrows in the garden or on the side of a house.  The trees turn from the green (and burned brown) of summer into bright beautiful colors, and the Lord provides a few extra layers of compostable leaves to rake up.

As we start preparing for the seasonal changes here, it is also nearing time for school to start.  It's still in the mid 90's for day time highs, so looking forward to fall is a bit of a whimsy for now, a small dream of feeling a cool breeze and having the windows open once again.  Soon the school bus will whisk away children to the schools, and we'll again see children walking past our house to the very near school buildings.  Sports practices will again commence, soon we'll hear the high school band practicing outside on nice days.  The children will have again their daily routines of school and activities, library time, church, and a day or relaxing.
Here in our home, we are slowly making way for the cooler weather to come.  Hand stitched quilts are under way, machine pieced and quilted by hand, to help dash away the coming chill.  Soon it will be time to bring back out the sweatshirts and coats, blankets and comforters of cooler weather.  It will be soon time to plant the bulbs for spring growing that must winter under cold earth, and to prepare the fall garden spot for one last round of lettuce and spinach before the hard freezes of late October or early November.

This is one of my favorite times, preparing and getting ready to snuggle down for the coming months.  There's so much to do, such as preserve as much of the fresh vegetables and fruits as possible for enjoying in the hardest coldest months when nothing grows outside.  There's preparing for warmer clothing, plenty of blankets and covers, making the home more cozy for more indoor use that will come with the cooler weather.

Alas, it is only August now, but soon, seasons will change.

How do you prepare for the seasonal change from summer to fall?

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