Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Revisiting Thrifty Modesty

It's been a couple of years since my original "Thrifty Modesty" post.  My, time has flown!

In the past two years, I've watched as the issue of dress has come more and more to the forefront of blogs, Facebook pages, and so on.  So many folks seem to worry about the clothing they wear, what accessories go best, if it passes the Facebook or Instagram muster.

Throughout all the posts, "selfies", blogs about clothing, articles from various sources, I've noticed a theme starting to take shape.

"Look at ME, I want to look good for God, what do you think?"

Now, don't take this the wrong way--modest dress is a wonderful thing, and we are admonished in Scripture to look our gender.  It is very nice to see women dressed as women and not mistake them as men, or mistake men as women (which unfortunately happens more and more).  I am very glad to see people desiring to dress modestly rather than showing as much skin as the world would love to see.

I truly am!

I do worry about the "look at me" aspect that is poking through in the movement toward modesty.  There's many areas on the net dedicated to showing off the latest, "hottest", modest fashions.  Who are we trying to impress?

Ladies, it's a wonderful thing to dress modestly!  Please, please take a quick check of your thoughts, your heart, and make sure that you're not diving in to pictures and "selfies" and the websites and so on and making the style of dress an idol.  It is so easy to do, when our circles are saturated with talk of skirts and dresses, flats and manicures, hair clips and so on.

Please, guard your hearts, keep it as modest and clean as the appearance on the outside.  God will love that so much more. :)

Lots of hugs, dear ladies...

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