Thursday, August 7, 2014

Reflecting on What Is Good

It's been a rather busy summer here in our home, with children going to and fro, multiple Bible camps, and so on.  The day that school released for the summer break our life has been hectic, with little time to just breathe.

This isn't necessarily how God wants us to live.  He doesn't want us so busy we catch ourselves coming and going with no time set aside for Him.  We owe Him a goodly portion of our time!

Soon, if not already, children will be heading back to school buildings and homeschoolers will begin their new school year.  Busy hours ahead will be a lot to tackle.  We still must keep a mind of what we are doing, how busy we choose to let ourselves be, and keep a balance.

Don't forget throughout your day to slow down, and reflect on what is Good and Holy, talk with Him, and slow down to listen to what He tells you in His Word, the Bible.

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  1. We are thinking the same thing today. I posted on this idea as well. I'm so glad I linked next to you on A Proverbs 31 Wife. Here is what I wrote about, if you are interested Have a blessed day!


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