Sunday, May 4, 2014

Finding Him in Baking

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The past weeks have been busy, as the school season winds down for the year and outdoor activities increase.  My own activities inside the house have picked up as well.

Especially baking!

I've been especially adventurous this spring, trying out new and different recipes, looking for something our family will eat up fast and beg for more.  My specialty is in the yeasted doughs, so of course I navigate that direction.

I find joy in trying out new recipes, especially baked ones.  If it has yeast, I can at least try it.  I especially love it when one recipe can make a variety of different items, from bread to pretzels to rolls to bagels....or another one that's sweeter and can make doughnuts, danish, and cinnamon rolls from the same ingredients.  This to me is something good, practical, useful...

While I'm working up the recipes, I listen to the radio most often.  Lots of good old fashioned hymns come on, lifting the spirit as the yeast lifts the dough.  I sing about God and Jesus and praises to Him as the dough hooks do their wonder.  To me, this is something special, the time working in the kitchen and creating from a little flour and oil, and making things our family and friends enjoy.

Finding Jesus in the little things is easy when you go looking for Him there.  It may be something as ordinary as baking up some bread or goodies, or as deep as preparing to lead the Sunday School class or even Sunday services.  Just go looking for Him wherever you are, whatever you're doing, and you're bound to find Him there.

As a housewife, I find Him at home, working inside me as I tend to home and family, baking, cooking, cleaning, sewing, tending the plants and yard.

Where do you find Him in your life?  Is it only at the church house, or do you see Him in daily things?

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