Saturday, March 22, 2014

Are You Ready?

This week has been an awesome time of seeing current world events in the light of the Bible.  I've heard teaching by Dr. Charles Hiltibidal and Dr. Jimmy DeYoung on prophecy and how the events of our world all line up with what was put into the Bible thousands of years ago.  Dr. Hiltibidal has been at our church this week, and Dr. DeYoung was on VCY America for a rally in Wisconsin.  He *was* here at our church last summer, and he is a phenomenal speaker!

All that said, I've been in awe of how much our world is really moving forward toward the last pages of Revelation.  So much has happened in the past years, just the last half of 1900's, and going at break-neck speed as we speak.  Seeing how countries are reuniting, joining forces, becoming allies, and all settling into position to go to war with Israel, watching our own become more and more anti-Christian to the point of persecution, seeing our world become more and more "one world" instead of individual entities...not too long ago we'd have never believed it would happen.

But it is.

Soon, the peace treaty between Israel and the nations around her will be confirmed.  Not created--confirmed.  The is a treaty already written, the Oslo accord, that has never been implemented.  It will.


As our world careens toward the end of Revelation, we have one stop in the road we have yet to make.

The Rapture.

Soon, at any time, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, Jesus will call all those who believe on Him and have trusted Him as Lord and Savior, back to Him.  Many of us who believe are awaiting impatiently, ready to go home to our Savior, where there are no more tears, no more sorrows, no pain, no suffering, but instead the glory of being with Jesus forever.  While we wait for Him to call us home, we watch as more and more persecutions come against believers, from soft to extreme, and we keep on doing as we were instructed to do--keep telling others of Him.

Whether online, by a tract, by street preaching, by gentle conversation, however you tell others of Him, keep on telling!  Our work isn't over yet, but soon, soon we'll be home where we long to be.

Dear Christian, as the world grows to hate our Lord more each day, show His love all the more.  His love, His grace, His mercy, His salvation doesn't stop because our society doesn't want it.  Someday soon the time to tell others will be over...until then...keep on keeping on!

Are you ready?

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