Sunday, October 13, 2013

Does the Bible Condone Polygamy???

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In the past months we've been overrun with the demand for homosexual "marriage", and this sinful parallel to God's perfect design has permeated into our society with the demand for not only tolerance but affirmation.  Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel has on more than one occasion mentioned the inevitable tidal wave of various other sexual deviancies, including polygamy, beastiality, pedophelia, and others to try to push their way to the mainstream to demand tolerance and affirmation.

In the past weeks I've been watching a conversation on the topic of polygamy among Bible believing Christians.  I've stood dumbfounded as I've watched men with solid Bible fundamental values and beliefs condone the polygamy practice, and using the Old Testament to "prove" that God not only allows but blesses the practice.  My gut reaction is "this is absolutely wrong!" and "this is stuff cult leaders push!"

So, in order to get a solid opinion on the subject and not go simply off the gut, I'm going to unpack this as best as I can as a non-scholar and see what the Bible says about the subject.  You're more than welcome to follow along and comment as I walk through this.  This subject area has peaked my interest, as a wife, and as a mom to a stepdaughter who will one day be a wife, and I'd like to share what I discover as I dig into this.

I imagine this may end up a small series, as it will take some time and study.  Stay tuned for the coming studies!

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  1. Sounds like a great series! I am stopping by from We linked up after you over at The Better Mom.

    1. Thank you! I dropped by your site, and added it to my "Favorite Sites" page at the top! LOVE it!!! Will definitely be stopping by more and doing lots of reading (and sharing)!

  2. I do agree with you - what's next after homosexuality to be pushed to the front to be condoned by society. I look forward to reading what you find!

    Nicole @ WKH

  3. If my memory serves me correctly every incidence where polygamy is practiced in the Bible the results have always been negative. The relationships between the wives were less than pleasant. There was strife between the husband and wives. It just seems like no one was truly happy.

  4. You're right! Every incident of polygamy in the Scripture is in the negative context, with strifes, sorrows, and heartache for all parties. There's never a happy family shown in the Bible where polygamy is concerned.

  5. When we see polygamy in the old testament it was done to fit in with the pagan practises that were influencing the Israelites at the time. I think that the model of marriage as we see it in Genesis has always been one woman to be a helpmeet to one man. But certainly some men of God were seduced by other cultural practices and as mentioned beforehand often ended with not so good results.


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