Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Broken Vs Humble

While reading through the blog list on the left side of this page, I was impressed with this article.  It is titled "Broken vs Humble".  

Many people think a person is not sincere if they are not still broken LONG after their fall. There is a huge difference in staying broken
and staying humble. Man often wants broken, but not God. God does not want us to stay broken, but He does want us to stay humble.
What is the difference?
1. Broken can’t fully function. Humble functions, but in the power of the Spirit.
2. Broken can’t serve. Humble serves but with grace.
3. Broken lets itself be shamed and “guilted.” Humble kindly ignores the “shamers” and “guilters.”
4. Broken grovels before men. Humble worships before God.
5. Broken says, “I am so unworthy.” Humble says, “He has made me worthy.”
6. Broken wears the label of their sin. Humble wears the label of God’s grace.
7. Broken lives in a never ending apology mode. Humble lives in a never ending forgiveness mode.
Read more at:  Broken Vs Humble  at Independent Baptist (.com)

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