Monday, September 30, 2013

Foolish Girl

Today I had chance to contemplate some things I've done in the past, before and right after I came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Oh what a foolish girl I was!

I remember well, as a teenager, wanting so badly to be accepted by my peers, to be loved, to have the boyfriends, to be able to go out and away from the farm.  I wanted attention, to feel wanted.  Instead, I was isolated out on the farm miles from town, enveloped in romance novels that for a moment gave a different world of love, romance, acceptance to fall into.

What a foolish girl I was, once I left the farm and went out to the world on my own, seeking out what I'd read in those novels and what I thought I wanted.  Naive ideas led to decisions I can never reverse, all done in the search for love and attention.  This besetting sin followed me around and kept me in such bondage for a few years, a sickening cycle that held me in an ever continuing motion of seeking, acting, seeking again,   Satan had me in such a strong delusion, a hold that was so tight I could not get out...and I didn't even know it.

Then I came to know Jesus.  I got saved, and knew I was supposed to be in church, I wasn't supposed to give in to temptations, I was to stand strong.  But Satan fought harder.  He worked even harder to keep those hooks deep inside.  The Holy Spirit fought harder than Satan to turn me around.

He showed me how much He loved me and how much more He wanted for me.....and that there was no substitute.

I tell the above not to glorify my sin, but to show what foolish decisions can do, and how the Lord can turn foolish decisions to His glory.  It is my hope to see my stepdaughter grow up and not feel that she needs to seek love and attention from anyone but Jesus.  I hope that she will not want to follow the way her peers are going, even at such a tender age.  She doesn't know the heartache, the pain, the shame that comes with following what they do...but I do.

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!  He turned a foolish girl to a woman who can look beyond the sins of the past and point others to Him.

If you're one who has done foolish things, like I did, you don't have to let those sins keep you in bondage!  Jesus can set you free and break those chains that hold you to what you feel you must keep doing.  He loves you that much and wants only the best for you!  He can set you free, if you're willing to let Him use the key to unlock your shackles.

Leave that foolish girl behind and become the woman God wants you to be!

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  1. Angie, you have been redeemed. That was yesterday, and today you are an amazing woman, wife and mother. I see your beautiful heart. Keep moving forward, love.

  2. Thank you dear friend! Yes, He has redeemed this once lost sinner, and if it weren't for Him I'd still be seeking out those things of the past. Isn't it amazing how He can make something broken into something whole again?!?!


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