Thursday, July 18, 2013

Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace in the Valley of Life

Isaiah 26:3--Thou wilt keep [him] in perfect peace, [whose] mind [is] stayed [on thee]: because he trusteth in thee.

This week we had to let my Mr. Kevin (11) go to a children's psychiatric hospital in the Kansas City area.  He had been excessively aggressive, to where we had to remove the other children from the home for their safety.  He'd been extremely aggressive with his dad and stepmom during visits in the past weeks.

It had to be tended to.

With much prayer, asking the Lord to please help us with him, please show us what to do, pieces finally came together that had not fit well in the past months as his aggression escalated.  God provided the place, the means, and other items that were needed just as they were needed.

We'd discussed with him multiple times, that when he's hurting us and others, he may not be allowed to stay at home for a while, and may have to go to a hospital for kids until the doctor says he is safe to come home and be with us again.  In that time he wouldn't be able to go visit with his dad at dad's house or be able to be with me either.  We'd warned him that he can't use his fists and feet and head (headbutting) to attack us, siblings, or others.  He'd been assessed in the previous months due to aggression and determined in need for acute care, but no local place would take him due to insurance, or and impending blizzard or fast approaching tornadoes made it impossible for us to get him to the longer distance hospitals.

I followed proper procedure with his psychiatric team, and away he went to an acute care hospital.

Mr. Kevin didn't understand why he was going to Kansas City, but he sure enjoyed the trip.  He talked endlessly about the Kansas Speedway, Nascar, listened to his mp3 player, ate like a horse, and helped count down the miles on the signs as we passed them.  As far as he was concerned, his aggressive morning was long gone and forgotten, his hurting his stepbrother badly was long forgotten.  He believed we were going to Children's Mercy, where there's Nintendo DS games and lots of cheery colors and children's activities and he'd be returning home with us.

He made it through the first night, and then the middle of the first day, he was asking to come home.  It wasn't the fun and games he expected.  There were no fun electronic games he'd expected, he couldn't leave the unit, he hadn't earned enough privileges to do much of anything but on unit activities.  He was missing me and hubby, and his dad and stepmom.  We explained that the doctor would tell us when we could bring him home, that he must show good behavior and follow what the staff said, take his medicine, and do a good job.  We also explained his medicines would  be changing.

Today he began school lessons of a sort while on the unit.  A teacher from the residential side read with him, and I believe worked toward the goals of what he was doing during extended school year.  He was not thrilled, as he thought he'd be getting out of school.  Hubby and I visited with him during the evening visiting hours, and he told us how he got to go off unit and play in the gym and played basketball with the other children.  He said he watched Disney channel (we do not have cable or satellite, so this is a treat for him), and a movie about cats and dogs.  I purchased a treat for him at the vending machines (no outside food allowed), and he enjoyed it.

Then the tears started flowing.  He begged us to take him home.  He said over and over how much he missed us.  My heart broke, I didn't really *want* to leave him there.  I wanted my boy home.  Instead, I cried with him.  He hugged me tight, asked me to please take him home.  All I could say was that I'll be right there to take him home when the doctor says I can.  He didn't like that answer.  What else could I do?  

He is to be released in the coming days, as his medications are changing and he is so far responding well.  He is also seeing that we do mean it that he cannot hurt his siblings, us, his dad and stepmom, or anyone else and expect to have no consequence.  I'm hoping he will not want to return to the hospital, and will work on choosing other options we give him to avoid aggression.  I also hope the medications he comes home with will be able to take some of the edge off to where is he is able to see through the fog and collect his thoughts instead of lashing out.  

Throughout the entire time, we've been bathing the family, the staff, and others involved in prayer.  There's been peace the entire time in our decision to take him to where he is.  Yes, the visit was emotional, but that was to be expected.

Psalm 29:11--The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.

God has taken such good care of us, providing for our needs, giving us knowledgeable staff to interact with, timing things such as each item falls into perfect place.  He has provided peace, He has taken care of the entire situation.  

Isn't God good?

I am so blessed to have a God who is knows our needs, who takes care of them, even the smallest of needs.  He takes care of the children, He tends to their special needs as well.  What would I do without Him?

How has God taken care of you and your family?  How has He blessed you?

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