Friday, May 10, 2013

I Come To The Garden Alone.....

but it's afternoon, and there's no dew on the roses....

It's officially May here in Kansas, but it sure hasn't been much beyond February.  But since the freezing has more or less stopped (but kinda have an eye out for June snow, just in case), we've got some of our planting done.  So far the front yard looks the most ready. :)

I tried to grow lavendar from seed.  It didn't happen.  So I went to a locally owned nursery and picked up this little beauty.  It smells heavenly!! 


And since my parsley, dill, and oregano never popped up, had to replace those.

then added peppermint

and lettuce

spinach and mesclun

and the rose that Hubby bought for me--double knock outs.

Our big garden plot has beautifully growing broccoli, tomatoes (yes, they survived the May snow!), sugar snaps, pole beans, eggplants, green peppers, red onions, and more to yet get in.  God sure has provided opportunity for a nice crop!

Now if we can get that ark built.....

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